Free Fire update brings changes to Chrono

The character's shield will be changed from today (01). The new update also brings new features in Free Fire MAX, changes in the main modes and balance of weapons and characters

The new Free Fire update is available for download from December 1st, whose main change is the adjustments in the abilities of the character Chrono, one of the most popular in Garena's Battle Royale. With the update, also arrives the new MAC10 weapon, adjustments and balancing, as well as new features in the Creation Workshop, in the Contra Squad mode and in Gladiators FF. See the highlights below:

Free fire brings changes to chrono
Free Fire brings changes to Chrono

Changes and updates in Free Fire bring changes to Chrono

Chrono's shield has become one of Free Fire's most powerful abilities, mainly for its protective power while maintaining the offensive. To balance the battles, as of this update, it will no longer be possible to shoot through the forcefield, making the shield serve its original defense purpose – one of the most frequent requests from the community. 
From now on, the shield will protect up to 800 damage from opponents, as well as blocking all damage – both inside and outside. Understand the complete change in Garena Dev Blog.

gameplay improvements

Skydiving isn't easy, but this update will make the task a little simpler with the new Peek option. It will now be possible to spy on your surroundings during the jump and keep the interface clean during landing, so that players have a more complete sense of space during those moments.
It will also be easier to give credit to friends, as every time a teammate takes down a previously hit opponent, players will receive an assistance notification. See more at Garena Dev Blog.

Changes to CS, Battle Royale, Gladiators FF and Ranked modes

The Contra Squad mode, one of the most famous in Free Fire, will receive tweaks on the Academy and Mill maps. To ensure the battles are balanced, the respawn points on these maps have been adjusted. Also, orders for additional items will only be available when the first order is placed. 
Still in CS mode, restrictions will be added to the maximum amount of each item that can be carried, that is, it will no longer be possible to carry grenades for the next rounds, nor to carry more items than is possible to buy. 
Battle Royale mode is also changed, with the minimum FF Tokens being set to 100 and the Vest Booster and Helmet Thickener protection accessories getting balance adjustments. 
In this update, FF Gladiators will have to defeat their opponents not only in their comfort zones, but also in their enemies' comfort zones. Every two rounds, one side will choose the weapons available to all players and the chosen items will be unavailable for selection for a limited time. In addition, the mode gained more space: from today, the Steel Coliseum will be even bigger.
For those who enjoy a ranked match, the update brings a new rank: Master, which will go before Challenger, but after Heroic. The novelty arrives to make the search for the top even more challenging and competitive.
Understand more about the changes in modes in Garena Dev Blog

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New MAC 10 Weapon and Balancing

The new update also brings a new weapon, the MAC10, which has a built-in silencer and firepower capable of penetrating even heavy armor. The weapon will have base damage of 24 and 0,09 rate of fire. In addition, the UMP, MP5, Thompson, UZI and MAG weapons will have their effective range reduced and others such as the SCAR, M60, UMP, XM8, MP5-X, Kar98k and Groza will undergo balance adjustments.
Weapon switching time will also be adjusted and from now on varies depending on the weapon type selected. The light grenades were optimized to better mark the hit targets. Check all the adjustments in the Garena's Dev Blog.

What's New in Free Fire MAX

The news also comes to Free Fire MAX: in the Creation Workshop, new items will be available such as Speakers, Portals and mode editor, making it possible to customize the team size, waiting island and other options for Contra Squad and Mata-Mata in a team. 
The Free Fire MAX lobby also gained new customization options with a new board showcase that will feature weapon animations and facial expressions optimizations, zone color adjustments in Battle Royale mode, and new graphics options available. 

The game turned 

The Game Became Dropzin! Since last week, whoever points their cell phone at the sky will have the chance to see their 'dropzins' falling through Augmented Reality (AR). During this week, until December 3rd, the contemplated states will be Maranhão, Piauí, Ceará, São Paulo, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Federal District, Tocantins, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul. full calendar and plane trajectory can be seen here:

Other upgrade optimizations include: 

Guild Leaders and Deputy Leaders can set a minimum Contra Squad rank as a prerequisite;

  • Players will automatically receive gel walls in the Combat Zone on Training Island;
  • Optimization of the display of universal fragments in the level up menus;
  • Optimization of contact weapon animations;
  • Optimization of battle tag special effects;
  • Graphics optimization when outside the safe zone;
  • Optimized cooldown display for individual Airdrops;
  • Names of locations visible when parachuting in Battle Royale;
  • The volume of multiple culling notifications adjustable in the settings menu;
  • Dynamic safe zone available in the Custom Room's Contra Squad;
  • Weapon and skin special effects will not happen during combat.

The game can be downloaded from the App Store e Google PlayStore. Talk to us in the comments and let us know if you liked this news and take the opportunity to read more News on our website.

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