Fortnite Galaxy Championship for Android has exclusive skin

Samsung's partnership with Fortnite developer Epic Games continues this year, and mobile Fortnite players will be able to win a new exclusive skin. The two companies are launching a new tournament called the Galaxy Championship, with participants having the opportunity to win the exclusive Galaxy Beater skin, as well as a Galaxy envelope.

The galaxy championship of fortnite
Galaxy Fortnite Championship for Android has exclusive skin | Galaxy Championship

The new Galaxy Scout skin will be obtained by Fortnite players who own any Android smartphone. However it is a tournament, and the new skin will only be for the best performing players in each region, as follows:

  • Europe: Top 10.000 players
  • NA-East: Top 7.500 players
  • NA-West: Top 2.500 players
  • Latin America: Top 2.500 players
  • Asia: Top 1.250 players
  • Middle East: Top 1.250 players
  • Oceania: Top 1.250 players

How to participate in the Galaxy Championship

The good news for players who may not be as successful is that the Galaxy envelope can be obtained by anyone, as long as they participate in five games during the competition. Registration for the Galaxy Cup will open today and the competition will take place from July 25th to 26th. Fortnite players wishing to participate must have their epic accounts protected by two-factor authentication, as specified by official rules.

It is worth remembering that the Galaxy Scout skin and its accessories will be made available in the Item Shop in the future, so don't worry if you can't participate or score enough, then you can buy it. 

Don't waste time and download Fortnite on your Android smartphone today and start practicing. But if you have a Samsung device, you can download Fortnite on Galaxy Store.

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The new skin had already been leaked on Twitter, where iannzits, where it was declared that a malfunction of the Samsung health app, revealed the new skin. Apparently, several Samsung users have also seen this.

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