Brazilian Army game may be released

A game of the Brazilian army will be created based on patriotism, called the Verde Oliva mission. The objective of the game will be to give a good impression of the army to people, mainly between 16 and 24 years old. Therefore, the game will have a lot of action, but it will not have exaggerated blood and fighting in the slums.

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The army's intention is that the game will reach three million users within 2 years. The game will be based on America's Army and will have references in Rainbow Six Siege and Counter-strike Global Offensive.

As stated earlier, the base will be in the game America's army, which is nothing more than an American franchise with 4 titles released that was made by the American army in order to improve their impression in the country. And in this case, it worked out there; According to an MIT survey in 2008, 30% of young people started seeing the military more positively after playing the games.

About the production of the army game

Its first guidelines were published on the 10th, and now, a group of eight soldiers will have 3 months as the deadline to deliver a feasibility report for the project.

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Reading the guidelines, it is seen that great care is being taken in view of the political position of the year that the game is released. The game will not bring combat to communities, nor will it bring unnecessary and exaggerated violence.

The game will bring representations characteristic of the Brazilian territory and will also try to insert characters that have ethnic traits similar to that of most of the country.

About the story of the game

The game will take place in the future, in 2025, so that there is no resemblance to any current political events. Your role as a player will be to be a soldier in the Brazilian Army and fight a fictional enemy. Up to 15 thousand players can be simultaneously logged into the game.

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