Resolutiion: Game will come to Switch!

“We have been working hard on the resolution for the past few months. We launched a playable demo for everyone, updated the game with huge Twitch integration and improved the game to the fullest. And therefore, in secret, we are working on something else and are proud to announce that a Nintendo Switch version of Resolutiion will be released alongside the PC, Mac and Linux versions of the game later this month. Book May 28th. ”

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Deck13 Spotlight and developer Monolith of Minds, a team of two brave (and magnificently beautiful) brothers today announce the Nintendo Switch version and the official release date for “Resolutiion”. Anyway, the fast action adventure will be released on Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac and Linux on May 28.

Resolutiion: Game will come to Switch! | Resolution

A new trailer to celebrate this announcement has just been released, showing Nintendo Switch gameplay for the first time. In the resolution, players take on the role of Valor, an old assassin who follows a curious artificial intelligence to infiltrate a terrorist network. They will find themselves in a dark and dark world of cyberpunk, where nothing and everything can be real and where they will need to crush a revolt against the dystopian paradise that the world has become.

Resolutiion resources

  • Explore a dark cyberpunk world where nothing is as it seems
  • Experience a dark story where you can be the hero - or the villain
  • Unlock new skills to defeat your enemies
  • Survive in brutal fights and crush horrible bosses
  • Play or be played

About the game

An old assassin accompanies a curious AI through chaotic battles, intriguing secrets and unsettling calm in a landscape of dreams of insane and healthy animals.

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Anyway, Resolutiion is a fast-paced action adventure created by two angry German brothers, leading a band of vagabonds who carried adorable pixels, dirty jokes, deep ideas and bad associative music for 20 hours of punitive combat, rewarding exploration and layered narrative . Anyway, will you be the player or will you be played? In the Infinite Empire, nothing is as it seems. Access for more information.

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