Gamer Headset: 12 models worth checking out on Black Friday

Are you tired of missing out on competitive games because your headset doesn't give you accurate information on where the enemy is? So stay with me here in this post that I will show you some headsets that will probably drop the price during this Black Friday and are certainly worth your attention.

This year's Black Friday will take place on 29/11/2019 and promises big discounts for the gamer audience. This list was made according to models that we have tested previously, and that we believe can be at a more affordable price during the Black Friday event. We also made a post about mice, if you want to take a look, just click here. The headsets will be ordered by price (from the cheapest to the most expensive).

Redragon Scylla Headset

Scylla starts out being the cheapest on our list. The dear Redragon headset has an auto-adjusting stem, 40mm drivers and a built-in microphone in the earpiece shell.

The Scylla deserves credit for being a very small headset, for those looking for something light with good quality. The model also has good sound insulation, and foam with memory foam, ensuring comfort in your gameplays.

In short, the Headset can be purchased for R $ 99,99 on the website at the link:

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Redragon Talos Headset

As the list is in order of price, it is common that we had one more of the dear Redragon next. This model is for those who are willing to spend a little more on a headset, without going beyond absurd values.

As main features, we have its 40mm drivers with 7.1 sound system, its microphone, which unlike Scylla, has an adjustable height and is at the height of the mouth. Something cool for those who like it, is its vibration system, which makes it have a more realistic bass system.

In short, the Headset can be purchased for R $ 179,99 on the website at the link:

Havit HV-H2002d

This is certainly the most cost effective headset on this list. For those who know a little more, this model has aspects very similar to FalleN Morcego, however, in a cheaper version.

With its absurd 53mm driver, the headset brings great bass and great volume. The microphone is removable, allowing it to be replaced and USB connection with 7.1 sound system.

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For those who play FPS like CS: GO, it is an EXCELLENT cost-effective option.

In short, the Headset can be purchased for R $ 187,80 on the website at the link:

Cougar Phontum Essential

Cougar is not a very famous brand in Brazil, but honestly, it leaves nothing to be desired in relation to its other competitors. The Cougar Phontum Essential is a complete headset for those who want to spend little. With their extra large foam, they guarantee all your comfort during your gameplay, and your great sound quality with its 40mm drivers. Furthermore, in my opinion it is one of the most beautiful and stylish headsets on this list.

It also has a 1,9m cable, which makes its use comfortable regardless of the distance it will be used.

In short, the Headset can be purchased for R $ 266,86 on the website at the link:

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Corsair HS35 Headset

The Corsair HS35 is the brand's entry-level headset. With excellent comfort and sound quality, it certainly deserves to be placed on that list.

Its 50mm driver supports great bass, and like the havit, it has a detachable microphone and also has a USB 7.1 connection, and a 1 meter and 80 cm braided cable and volume control and mute button on the earcup.

In short, the Headset can be purchased for R $ 299,99 on the website at the link:

Logitech G231 Prodigy

The G231 Prodigy is the entry phone from Logitech, which delivers great quality at a lower price. The headset aims to be lightweight and not to detract from the audio quality. Its microphone is foldable, with technology to eliminate noise. Its 40mm driver also leaves a lot to be desired in audio. Making his quality help you in your games.

In short, the Headset can be purchased for R $ 349,99 on the website at the link:

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HyperX Cloud Silver

One of the most famous brands in terms of peripherals in Brazil, HyperX offers a great line of headsets called Cloud, and within that line, the chosen headset will be the Silver.

Silver was chosen for its cost benefit, as was Havit. The Cloud Silver has an excellent construction, with a single 3.5mm connection port, stereo sound, audio control on the cable, and two differences, one of which is the headband with memory foam and a mesh bag for travel. With its 53mm driver, it brings great bass to your game.

In short, the Headset can be purchased for R $ 429,90 on the website at the link:

Cougar Immersed Pro

We have already put the Cougar basics in place, and of course, its top of the line should also be placed on the list. It has customizable RGB in the shells, semi-open stage with 50mm driver and 360º immersive system.

Something I find very cool about this headset is the use of the ear protector, which serves as a volume and mute and unmute wheel for the microphone. It has access to the Cougar UIX System, which is a very complete equalization system from Cougar, where the RGBs can also be controlled.

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In short, the Headset can be purchased for R $ 456,67 on the website at the link:

Corsair HS70 SE

Now entering the area of ​​Wireless Headsets, I believe I have a duty to talk about the Corsair HS70 SE. This headset is extremely beautiful and stylish, with its beige headrest foams and black body. It has its 50mm drivers that guarantee a good bass and good sound quality with virtual 7.1 surround. According to the brand's website, its low-latency audio makes it perfect for playing and also has an incredible 16h battery.

In short, the Headset can be purchased for R $ 549,99 on the website at the link:

Corsair Void Pro Wireless

It wouldn't make sense to put two headsets of the same brand, with the same price, and the same function, in the same list, right? Wrong!

The HS70 is a headset made for casual use and even sometimes to be used on the street, with its extreme comfort. Void Pro is for a more specific use, for real gamers who like competitive games and take the game seriously.

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With its 50mm drivers and Dolby® Surrond 7.1 technology, it gives you a great immersion in the game. The audio has a 2,4 GHz connection, a range of 12 meters and a battery life of 16 hours.

In short, the Headset can be purchased for R $ 549,99 on the website at the link:

HyperX Cloud Revolver

HyperX Cloud Revolver is a headset that brings a headset that does the basics, but does the basics extremely well and with a great build quality, which completely justifies its price.

The Cloud Revolver sound stage was made with studio features, which makes your gameplay quality, but when you get tired of playing and want to hear a song, you will have a great experience too. It has 50mm drivers and Dolby Surrond 7.1, which is controlled by a USB audio box with a DSP sound card. It also has the differential of intelligent foam, which is exclusive to HyperX, so it becomes a great option.

In short, the Headset can be purchased for R $ 619,99 on the website at the link:

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Astro A50 Headset

Here we enter an extremely specific niche, which is the best headset today, not only for my opinion, but for several professional players and also audiophiles.

Anyway, the Astro A50 is an unrealistic headset for anyone who hasn't tried it. Extremely comfortable, resistant and durable, it has wireless connection and a charging base, which is extremely beautiful. 40mm drivers and Dolby Atmos technology, make the A50 have a surreal audio quality, which makes you feel 100% immersive during your gameplay. For low latency, it has a 5GHz connection and more than 15h of battery.

In short, the Headset can be purchased for R $ 1694,89 on the website at the link:

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