Gamescom 2020 cannot happen in person

A few days ago we published a material on the website saying that Gamescom did not intend to cancel its event, which would take place in August, due to the new Coronavirus pandemic; However, that ended up changing since then.

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The space Cologne Fair, where gamescom is headquartered had all of its events canceled by June; But, however, the events ahead of June (as is the case with gamescom) would still be unchanged. The gamescom organization said in a statement that it is evaluating the possibility of still holding the event in person, and that if it does not occur, everyone who purchased tickets will be fully refunded.

However, on April 15 the German government banned all events that would take place in the country until the end of August, where, of course, it conflicts with the date of gamescom. Therefore, even if there is still no official statement, we know that gamescom will not take place in person.

Gamescom 2020 cannot happen in person | Gamescom | Gamescom

Other convention organizers also said they plan to expand gamescom’s digital options with the broadcast of Open Night Live and other streams; In addition to adding new modules to your digital content.

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The universe of games, gamescom, and events related to COVID-19

Anyway, we know that the current times are not at all easy with regard to employment for any sector, and in games it is not being different; Almost the majority of games have been postponed and we don't have many announcements of new games ahead. It is worth remembering that E3 also canceled its edition this year due to the coronavirus outbreak. Here on the site, we made news about games that were available for free in the quarantine so you don't get bored! You can access the list of 27 free GOG games; The list with 5 free from Steam, and also the new initiative of Play At Home, made by Playstation!

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