NVIDIA Announces Promotion of GeForce RTX and Guardians of the Galaxy

Until October 28, 2021, by purchasing a GeForce RTX, you get the Guardians of the Galaxy game

Have you ever thought about taking a Square Enix GeForce RTX and Guardians of the Galaxy in one fell swoop? NVIDIA announces that, through October 28, 2021, customers who purchase a desktop or notebook equipped with GeForce RTX 3060 or above cards from authorized manufacturers starting this Tuesday (05th) will win the Marvel's Guardians Action Adventure title of the Galaxy. See the complete rules of the promotion and participating products here.

Scheduled for release on October 26, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy brings the story of Star-Lord, leader of an eccentric group of heroes who must save the galaxy. With all the power of the Guardians, it will be necessary to use unique powers together with the group to get rid of the threats. Furthermore, all choices have consequences, which can result in comic or catastrophic events.

Geforce rtx and guardians of the galaxy
Take a GeForce RTX and Guardians of the Galaxy at once

GeForce RTX cards are the perfect match for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, which supports NVIDIA-exclusive technologies. Like Ray Tracing and NVIDIA DLSS, which ensures improved graphics quality while delivering more performance, thanks to artificial intelligence. Anyone interested in purchasing a GeForce RTX graphics card or other GeForce RTX-based products can see some select offers for Children's Day on the NVIDIA website.

Bundle redemption is done through GeForce Experience. Simply purchase one of the participating products by October 28, 2021 to win the game. The code must be redeemed by January 6, 2022. Here the full terms of the promotion.

Take advantage of the promotion and take your GeForce right now

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GeForce RTX and Guardians of the Galaxy Children's Day Offers

Children's Day is coming and with it, the opportunity to play with the children the new Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and other more fun game releases. Desktops or notebooks equipped with GeForce GTX and GeForce RTX boards are essential for an excellent gameplay experience, in addition to being a fundamental investment for studies. In this link, you will find the best offers of products selected by NVIDIA itself.

GeForce RTX are NVIDIA's cards that offer the highest performance and graphics quality. They bring GeForce Experience support with constant driver updates even before the most anticipated games are released, as well as unique features like NVIDIA Freestyle, which add unique filters that change the look of games.


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