NVIDIA chooses top GeForce RTX discounts for this Black Friday

Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to hunt for discounts and purchase a gaming notebook, or build your dream desktop with one GeForce RTX GPU. However, there is no need to scour the internet for promotions, as the NVIDIA team created a special page with the best Black Friday discounts. It's also worth keeping an eye on NVIDIA's official twitter, which is always on the lookout for the best prices.

Geforce rtx this black friday
GeForce RTX this Black Friday

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See deals from GeForce RTX this Black Friday

In addition to having plenty of power to run the most popular games with high resolution and frame refresh rate, GeForce RTX cards feature a number of unique technologies that create the ultimate gaming experience. Among them are:

  • Ray Tracing – Revolutionary lighting technology that generates beautiful graphics and which NVIDIA pioneered in bringing this feature to games with the launch of GeForce RTX. The GeForce RTX platform is a reference in Ray Tracing due to its RT Cores, exclusive cores dedicated to this technology.
  • NVIDIA DLSS – Technology powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that brings performance “for free”, just by being activated. The AI ​​can recreate high resolutions with a fraction of the processing power, making games look better and perform better.
  • NVIDIA Reflex – A set of technologies that greatly reduce latency, the time it takes for the player's command to be answered by the game. NVIDIA Reflex has become particularly important in the competitive shooter scene, where milliseconds make the difference between a player hitting or missing a target.
  • In addition to games, GeForce RTX cards are the most suitable for video editing and streaming, in addition to having the NVIDIA broadcast, software that practically creates a professional studio in any space. Among its most popular functions are the elimination of ambient noise and removal of image background by high quality AI, eliminating the need for chroma key.


The invention of the GPU by NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) in 1999 sparked the growth of the PC gaming market, redefined modern computer graphics, and revolutionized parallel computing. More recently, deep learning via the GPU has paved the way for modern AI – the next age of computing – with the GPU acting as the brains of computers, robots and autonomous cars that perceive and understand the world. More information at http://www.nvidia.com.br/page/home.html.

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