Fact or Fake about Genshin Impact Leakers

Some questions have been answered by Genshin Impact's leakers about what was leaked and publicized regarding future updates to the miHoYo game

Reddit took place today, the 21st, an Ask ME Anything, or AMA, with the main leakers of content related to Genshin Impact. Participated in this program of Q&A some of the leakers most famous players in the game who, after a lawsuit against one of the leakers, decided to retire and now, have made one last big revelation about what can and cannot be added to the game in the future.

Among the rumors that have been denied or confirmed are some such as the presence of Kamisato Ayato, the brother of Kamisato Ayaka, Baizhou in the game together with the Cliff and a few things about the character Scaramuche, one of the Fatui Harbingers, who recently reappeared during the final chapters of Raiden Shogun's Archon Quest, which ended Inazuma's current arc. Participants in the conversation include Genshin Intel, Project Celestia, Lumie, Ubatcha, Sukuna and abc64.

See some of the responses from Leakers

Genshin Impact Leakers
Unknown character will appear in game soon

General Questions Answered by Genshin Impact Leakers

P: Yeah Miko is in the same nolevel de DPS da Ganyu?

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A: “Yae will be the top DPS for Electro, that's what I'm told. Pyro + electro burst is unfortunately false.”

Q: About a Skin for Ganyu in Ritual of Lanterns?

A: I have no idea

Q: About a character ofo element Dendro in 2.3

A: "False, if it comes out in 2.3 it's a coincidence"

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Q: About the skin participation guidance on Ningguang

A: “Free? I have no idea. Skin? Yes."

Q: What are the futures character banner reruns?

A: "No clue."

"There is no solid information, unfortunately I have guesses based on information I received earlier, but I am awaiting the live stream for solid confirmation."

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Q: Where is character X? When will he/she be released?

A: “I have no idea. If we don't post about it, either there is so little data that we don't want to fool people or it doesn't really exist for us to see.”

P: Will the a new Childe story mission in version 2.2?

A: “From what I saw, no. However, he will appear in a new event, along with some other characters.”

Q: Model file name of the Signores listed as “monster”. Does that mean Childe is also listed as a “monster”? And the names of the models from Baizhu or Scaramouche?

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A: “Your boss fighting forms are Monsters, yes, while your playable is Avatar_Male_. Scaramouche and Baizhu have always been Avatar_ and not monsters, although both have NPC models as well.

About the character Arataki Itto

Q: About Arataki Itto's skill and explosion details (His weapon will be infused with Geo damage and he will gain ATK bonuses when defeating enemies)

A: “He is definitely a sword user, based on what I know now, but it could be changed since he wasn't introduced in the beta as a playable character. I don't have information about your vision. No, I haven't seen your model."

Q: About Arataki Itto character's mined data (Click here to view)

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A: "It's real."

Q: So about Aratiki Itto, what can you tell us about him?

A: “There is very preliminary data, with some internal skill names and references to animations, but nothing solid so far. I would say he definitely has more dice than other unreleased characters. It would be fair to speculate that it could release soon, but ultimately this is a decision mihoyo has to make and being closer to completion doesn't necessarily mean it will come soon.”

Q: What is his weapon and vision?

A: “He is definitely a sword user based on what I know now, but it could be changed since he wasn't introduced in the beta as a playable character. I don't have information about your vision. No, I haven't seen your model.”

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There are still unknown characters there

About Kamisato Ayato

P: Kamisato Ayato is a user Hydro de great spade?

R: "No, if he is, it will be pure coincidence"

Q: About Ayato being based on Zhongli and about his abilities creating a vortex capable of sucking out enemies?

A: "False"

Q: Is there any idea of ​​its release/intro date? And is it confirmed to be playable?

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A: “Absolutely nothing. It can be assumed that it will be playable due to mentions made to it by other characters.”

P: VCan you provide more information about its appearance? (Based on what UBatcha said about it being based on the Zhongli model)

A. "You would have to ask someone with inside information."

Q: Was there any confirmation on your choice of weapon and kit? It's true that he can change of spear weapon guidance on sword during your Childe-like elemental abilities?

A: "Without confirmation, although in the game, there is an NPC who mentions how Ayato is very skilled with both sword and stick weapon."

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Q: Are there any ideas about its color scheme? Is it similar to Ayaka's?

A: "I have no idea."

About Yunjin Character

Cutscene explains the origin of Gouba

Q: Any plans for Yunjin? What is her official view now?

A: “Originally, she was designed to be a Spear Geo Swaria, however, from the cutscene video that leaked Moonchase, it looks like her vision has been altered to be either Anemo or Cryo. However, it is impossible to know for sure, based on a small pixelated image.”

“Date during the CBT1 era, CBT2 (Closed Beta Test), originally a Geo Spear user, but with Moonchase's recent cutscene leak, she can now be Anemo or Cryo. The model exists and only other references are in-game texts and narrations.”

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About Fu Hua character

Fu Hua is a character from the Honkai Impact 3rd game, also from miHoYo, who may be on his way to Genshin Impact, in the form of a very similar playable character, as is the case with Raiden Shogun and Yae Miko.

Fact or fake about genshin impact leakers | de6260c7 fuhua | married games news | android, genshin impact, ios, mihoyo, mobile, multiplayer, pc, playstation 4, playstation 5, singleplayer | genshin impact leakers
Fu Hua in Honkai Impact 3rd

Q: Do you know if the Fu Hua lookalike will be playable? Or is she simply going to be a flashback/animation figure?

A: "There is no information for this."

About Baizhu

Q: There was a rumor that he would be the poster character forthe launch of the cliff – has this been discarded or is it still in the pipeline?

A: "We have no idea."

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About Scaramouche

Q: What can you tell us more about Scaramouche?

A: "Sorry, personally I don't have any information other than what has been said before."

Q: About Scaramouche be released in 1 year?

A: "False, but it also doesn't mean it will be playable soon."

About Gorou

Q: Is there any information about Gorou? What can you tell us about him?

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A: “Gorou is a Geo Archer and is currently a 4 star – he wears a boy model (think Xingqiu, Bennett). There are minimal skill data so far.”

“Gorou already has a model, animation data and some skill data.”

Q: About Gorou's ability to give bonuses to allies

A: False

About Shenhe Character

P: She is really desplay?

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A: “Shenhe has been discarded is something unknown. Many characters (Ayaka, Thoma) were originally shown on the CBT1 client and have just been released; that's all we can say (or know).”

“Also dated during the CBT1 era. Originally it was a Cryo of Spade, but no idea what happened to her now. The model existed, but nothing since CBT1.”


About Yaoyao

Q: What can you tell us about Yaoyao?

A: “Data dated during the CBT1/CBT2 era. She is a dendro catalyst user, although she has never been seen. The model exists, but no other data apart from a few mentions in the game text and voices.”

About Yelan Character

Q: Is there any information you can tell us about Yelan?

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A: “This is a name that has been released, however there are currently no clues as to who it is. The gun character in the Moonchase video may or may not be 'Yelan', we just don't know.”

about Celestia

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Celestia is referred to in the game as "The Abode of the Gods". It is possible to see the site by flying over the Mondstadt city.

Q: Is there any data related to Celestia? For example, which region is it exactly floating above or how far is it?

A: “It's a bit north of Fontaine, although it's weird as it appears to be in two locations (maybe it's been moved?), the floating island you see in the sky in the game appears to be in the same location, right around the area where Fontaine would be.”

Amazing Adventures Await You At Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a free open world gacha (similar to loot box) game, but with in-game microtransactions, published and distributed by miHoYo in its official website. In it you step into the shoes of the Traveler, an explorer able to travel across worlds, but who was trapped in Teyvat, a place ruled by the Archons and facing a war against unknown enemies, and must find a way to return to his home world and find his missing twin brother.

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And for those starting out in Genshin Impact you still have here at Married Games a Complete Guide to start your journey really well and the Complete list of playable characters so far Genshin Impact is available for PC com WindowsAndroidiOSPlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and soon, Nintendo Switch with crossplay between mobile and PC platforms.

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