Genshin Impact game had 17 million downloads in 4 days.

The Genshin Impact game, which is also available on PC and PS4 platforms, got 17 million downloads on mobile in just 4 days.

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According to analyst Daniel Ahmad published on his profile on Twitter, the game raised US $ 50 million in one week, with a large part of this money coming from his native country. The forecast is that by the end of October, this mark will reach US $ 100 million.

About the Genshin Impact game

Genshin Impact is a free open world gacha (similar to loot box) game, but with in-game microtransactions, published and distributed by miHoYo in its official website. In it you step into the shoes of the Traveler, an explorer able to travel across worlds, but who was trapped in Teyvat, a place ruled by the Archons and facing a war against unknown enemies, and must find a way to return to his home world and find his missing twin brother.

And for those starting out in Genshin Impact you still have here at Married Games a Complete Guide to start your journey really well and the Complete list of playable characters so far Genshin Impact is available for PC com WindowsAndroidiOSPlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and soon, Nintendo Switch with crossplay between mobile and PC platforms.

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In addition to the game being inspired by The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, it contains fantasy RPG features set in an open world with different characters to be played.

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