George RR Martin on Elden Ring

It seems that George RR Martin is not as involved in the development of Elden Ring as you might think.

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George A. R. Martin

If it hadn't leaked ahead of time, news that writer George RR Martin, responsible for the hit The Chronicles of Ice and Fire adapted by HBO in the Game of Thrones series, is working with FromSoftware on his next project, this would have been one of the best surprises in games of all time. But since Elden Ring was officially unveiled, and we don't know what role he played in the game's development, we haven't heard anything from the author about his work on the game.

However, that mystery ended when Martin recently spoke to the local news station, the WTTW. During a trip to receive an honorary doctorate from his former school, Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism, in an interview given to WTTW, the author was asked about Elden Ring, and he seems to have kept up with recent news about the date of launch.

What George RR Martin did in Elden Ring

He revealed that his involvement with the project ended years ago. Since then, FromSoftware has been sharing development progress with him, showing new monster designs and the like.

“It's actually quite different,” said Martin of game development compared to his normal line of work. “My work on this was done years ago. These games are like movies. They take a long time to develop", he added.

Elden ring
Elden Ring

Martin also explained the kind of work he's actually done for the game:

“Basically, they wanted a world created to place the game. They wanted world building, as a big factor in fantasy and science fiction," he explained. “You're not just talking about the characters and the plot, the setting is almost as important as everything else. I made a very detailed background for them, and then they went from there.”

And, apparently, that was the author's involvement in the game, but despite creating the world where the Pristino Ring stories will take place, he has only received news, but it has nothing to do with the current state of development of the game. .

“Actually, it's been several years since I last saw them, but they came periodically and showed me some monsters they designed or the latest special effects. The game has been developing very slowly and will now be released in January. I'll be as excited as anyone else to see this.”

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Elden Ring will be released Jan. 21 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Tell us in the comments what you thought the author was doing in the game? Looking forward to playing Elden Ring? Take the opportunity to read more about Elden Ring on Our site.

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