Ghost of Tsushima: Everything you need to know

At first Sony and Sucker Punch Productions, developer of Ghost of Tsushima has been revealing many details about the game, let's put here everything you need to know about Ghost of Tsushima, release, characters and details about the Special Edition.

At first the launch of Ghost of Tsushima will be on July 17th, being an exclusive game for Playstation 4; as well as maybe being released for Playstation 5 as well. 

Many players are in the hype for Ghost of Tsushima, but if you still don't know much about the game then you are in the right place; as well as if you already know the game, as it will have many details.

The game has been getting a lot of new details, here is everything you need to know about ghost of tsushima, release date and characters.
Ghost of Tsushima: Everything you need to know | Ghost of Tsushima

About Ghost of Tsushima

During the late XNUMXth century, the Mongol Empire managed to destroy entire nations in order to conquer the East. However, there was a small island called Tsushima; that it was between Japan and enormous destruction caused by the Mongols and their artful leader; Khotun Khan.

On this devastated island lived Jin Sekai, a samurai who was one of the last of his clan. Jin Sekai is convinced to do whatever it takes to help his people protect their home. But for that, Jin will need aside, traditions that shaped him during his life as I build a new new path, as a ghost and fight for Tsushima's freedom. Jin has been trained his whole life to follow the ways of the samurai.

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So when the Mongols destroy armies, the village collapses. Therefore Jin needs to choose between honoring samurai traditions, fighting a battle that cannot win or win the enemy at any cost. Despite this, he needs to seek advice and some new allies that at other times would be very unlikely.

Some characters from Ghost of Tsushima.

Check out some details of the main characters of Ghost of Tsushima.

Jin sakai

Jin sekai is the main character of ghost of tsushima
Jin Sekai is the main character of Ghost of Tsushima

You start the game with Jin being an honorable samurai, but over time to be able to defeat enemies he will acquire new skills and tactics, forming a new identity, being The Phantom. As the player progresses through the story more details will be revealed about Jin's life, his enemies and his allies; that will help you on your journey.


The character shimura is the uncle of jin
The Shimura character is Jin's uncle

This in turn, is the jush or lord of Tsushima. Shimura besides being a samurai is the one who took care of Jin, being an uncle and father figure for him. Shimura being the one who taught Jin since childhood as a samurai; thus beginning to worry about the new tactics that Jin begins to adopt to defeat his enemies at all costs.

Khotun Khan

Ghost of tsushima: everything you need to know | e71ed7f4 ghost of tsushima khan column image 01 ps4 en 27apr20 | married games news | ghost of tsushima
The character Khotun Khan is Jin's main enemy

This is the fearsome and relentless leader of the Mongolian army that is invading Tsushima Island. Being merciless and cunning, using everything he knows about samurai against them in order to destroy them completely. With that Jin soon learns that he should not underestimate him.

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Ghost of Tsushima Running Time

The duration of the game was something very questioned by the fans. Nate Fox, the creative director of the adventure, gave a very exciting response to this saying that the game lasts an average of 30 to 50 hours, depending on each one's style of play.

Nate asks players not to focus only on the main missions, but to deviate from exploring the island and side missions; as there is much to explore in Tsushima. Taking a few detours while traveling can be advantageous.

Exploration will be very important, so don't forget to enter abandoned buildings and houses.

So, if you like to explore and enjoy landscapes, you will have countless hours of gameplay; you won't have to worry about a new game anytime soon, making the investment worthwhile.

HUD highlights

Fans noticed some golden balls above the life bar; it was also explained by Nate Fox that the golden spheres are "reserve" for Jin; they can be used to regain some life, they can also be used for stronger and more concentrated attacks.

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Each will decide how best to use them. Making it real that the attacks in slow motion are in a kind of combo. Remember that the game will allow players to disable HUD to provide a more immersive experience.


It will be possible to play Ghost of Tsushima with dubbing in English or Japanese. Aiming to be an accurate representation of Japan and history. Jin's dubbing in English will be done by Daisuke Tsuji; who has participated in Death Stranding, Prey and CoD: Black Ops4.

Ghost of tsushima: everything you need to know | dd00c8f8 unnamed | married games news | ghost of tsushima

The most incredible detail about Japanese dubbing is that the voice actor for Jin Sekai, the main character, is the same voice actor for Roronoa Zoro from One Piece, Kazuya Nakai. Imagine if at any point Jin sends a Santoryu during the game.

Ghost of Tsushima in Japanese

Ghost of Tsushima gameplay

Apparently not at levels in the game, but skill tree and attributes. Items are scarce and hard to find, so be sure not to spend too much.

Gameplay details

Mission indicators

At first, Ghost of Tsushima will have no indication of missions, this measure was taken in order to encourage players to explore the map and its open world in a natural way. So it would be somewhat difficult to ignore burning buildings and abandoned houses.

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So the game will also have reference points on the map, respecting the players' curiosity decisions without those annoying mission markers and boring references; thus defending the player's freedom.

According to the information already presented about the game, the wind is what will guide Jin Sekai during his adventure. In addition to the wind, players should pay attention to the surroundings so that they do not miss details such as side missions and hidden history points. Through columns of smoke on the horizon, broken trees or animals trying to get your attention.

The importance of foxes

Always pet the foxes of ghost of tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima: Everything you need to know | Ghost of Tsushima

Always pet the foxes you meet! Some foxes are special, they will guide the player to temples where you can find bonus attributes; as well as being used as fast travel points. Sanctuaries will also increase the number of equipables when they are released. The temples are well hidden, but these beautiful little foxes will guide Jin there.

Other animals

Just as the fox can help you, so can other animals, like a yellow bird that apparently takes you on a side mission; other birds take you to abandoned places. So don't forget to pay attention to animals, they are important.


Wild animals can try to attack Jin during his journey, there is a marker that shows when a wild animal like a bear will be targeting Jin.

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Wild animals could attack in ghost of tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima: Everything you need to know | Ghost of Tsushima

Difficulty levels

Creative director Jason Connell said the game will have several levels of difficulty; providing a pleasant experience for all types of players.

Connell says the game can't be that difficult for the player to want to give up in the first 15 minutes; so if you think it is being easy it is possible to increase the difficulty; likewise if you think it is too difficult you can decrease the difficulty.

The goal is for both casual and hardcore players to have fun and have an excellent experience; but that the game will not fail to "honor the lethality of the sword", however this does not apply to the easier modes, where players will have an easier time limiting the damage received.

Equipment progression

Progression of ghost of tsushima equipment
Ghost of Tsushima: Everything you need to know | Ghost of Tsushima

Creative director Nate Fox broke the news that could attract many players from The Legend of Zelda, a game that has always had a progression system focused on equipment rather than levels like most RPGs.

The equipment and tools discovered by Jin is what will indicate along the way the progress that has been made, including having more weapons.

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Nate says that Jin will find new weapons as he progresses through the game. So his transformation from samurai to ghost will allow him to use different weapons. As well as the Kunai that is used in the form of Ghost; this shows that Jin's progression is about being more powerful, capable of doing more damage and taking different forms of approaches. In addition, this progression changes the way Jin interacts with the environment.

Cleaning the blood

Ghost of Tsushima will allow the player to wipe the blood from his sword. Within the game there is a button to store and pull the sword, so if it is soiled with blood Jin will make cool and quick moves to clean the blood from his sword.

However, this movement will also be done automatically, so when Jin stops for a while he will perform these movements alone and will keep his sword. Possibly Jin also cleaned the blood during some hand-to-hand combat, he is very fast.

Weapons beyond the katana

So far we know that Jin will be able to use swords, bows and arrows, kunais and probably some other type of weapon that has not yet been revealed.

Ghost of tsushima will have bows
Ghost of Tsushima: Everything you need to know | Ghost of Tsushima


Armors will have different advantages and disadvantages; as well as some armor reinforce a specific style of play, to better adapt to your style of play; that is, you cannot be a stealthy samurai with white or colored armor, your armor will change as the gameplay will be.

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Ghost of tsushima amulet
Ghost of Tsushima: Everything you need to know | Ghost of Tsushima

The amulets aim to improve your character, such as improving the health regeneration and poisoning of enemies. You will be able to find different amulets with different objectives during your journey.


Well, we already know that each player will be able to choose the way he likes to play, whether fighting as an honorable samurai or as a ghost through the shadows. But here are some details about it.

It is worth mentioning here that no matter how strong and advanced you are, it will always be possible to die to the weakest enemy of all.

Nate Foz explained the lowest Mongol in the game will always be able to kill Jin quickly, even if he is already very strong and with new skills, so never underestimate any enemy. Becoming strong doesn't make things easier in the game.


Duels are confrontations with an enemy, where they fight to the death. So it is a combat of agility, the player will have to deliver blows at the right time, so that he is not killed by a simple mistake.

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Bypass attacks

It is possible to block and deflect most enemy attacks, but this is if you are fast enough. When using attack diversion correctly, it is allowed to deliver fatal blows to your enemies.

Combat positions

As we have seen in Nioh, samurai have several combat positions, apparently in Ghost of Tsushima as well. So Jin has combat positions with his katana, probably each position has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the enemy and style of play.

Fighting positions with katana

Honor and respect for enemies

When eliminating an enemy as an honorable samurai, it is possible that you will honor them by making a bow of respect. However, it has not yet been revealed whether this will impact anything.

Honor and respect for enemies
Ghost of Tsushima: Everything you need to know | Ghost of Tsushima

Stealth mode, the ghost

You can stealthily walk through the shadows, as well as on the roof of houses and other places, dropping blows surprising your enemies; or just walk past them in silence.

As a ghost, you can act silently in the shadows, using some tricks to attract the enemy, such as fireworks, smoke bombs, as well as other items.

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The player will be able to assassinate his enemies in a silent way, being able to create a chain of assassinations, thus killing his enemies in sequence.

Stealth mode in ghost of tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima: Everything you need to know | Ghost of Tsushima

The fear

As Jin's fame grows, it is possible to make enemies feel afraid, incapacitating some of them, making them unable to face Jin in combat.

Legend progress

As we have already seen, Jin will do anything to defend his people, becoming the legend of Tsushima's fantas; but during this process you will be able to know how legendary you are, how famous you are. One way to increase your fame is by destroying enemy strongholds.

Ghost of tsushima: everything you need to know | 7c4cb0e6 to 15174126295377 | married games news | ghost of tsushima

See an interview with the developers where they talk about these details of the game.

Ghost of Tsushima launch, price, pre-sale and special edition


Ghost of Tsushima will be released on July 17, 2020; being exclusive to Playstation 4, with no confirmed PC version forecast.

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In principle, the recommended price for the Standard Edition is R $ 249,90 or R $ 199 in cash. The Deluxe Edition of Ghost of Tsushima is R $ 289 or R $ 231,20 in cash. So paying cash, any version has a 20% discount. Check out the official game page.

Pre sale

Wanting to buy any version of the game during pre-order will win exclusive content. Being an avatar of Jin, Dynamic Theme for PS4 based on the cover art and digital soundtrack with selected tracks from the game. The pre-sale of the physical versions of the game are 20% off in Brazil.

Ghost of Tsushima Editions

The Standard Edition has only the base game and pre-sale bonuses, if purchased during the pre-sale period.

Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition of Ghost of Tsushima comes with a set of Hero of Tsushima skins, which include: a horse, a saddle, mask, sword and armor, all for Jin; as well as two items called Charm of Hachiman's Favor, skill point, Dynamic Theme for PS4, digital art book by Dark Horse; as well as comments from the director, where the game’s creative team talks to a Japanese historian about the world of Ghost of Tsushima.

Deluxe edition of ghost of tsushima
Deluxe Edition of Ghost of Tsushima

Special edition

In addition, the Special Edition physical version comes with a steelbook packaging, Hero of Tsushima mask and sword skin voucher, Charm of Hachiman's Favor, director's comments and digital art book.

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Physical version of the special edition
Physical version of the Special Edition

Dynamic themes of Ghost of Tsushima

It was announced by the developer that the game will have two dynamic themes, one that will be included in the Special Edition and Deluxe Edition and another for those who buy any version of the game during the pre-sale. See the Twitter post that shows the themes.

The theme that comes with the Special and Deluxe Edition has a soundtrack and a more artistic style. The pre-sale theme features wind sounds and Jin's photo.

Special modes

Akira Kurosawa's influence

Ghost of tsushima: everything you need to know | 364b9afd 13 samurai showdown 02. 0 | married games news | ghost of tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima: Everything you need to know | Ghost of Tsushima

Akira Kurosawa is one of the most famous and important in Japanese cinema. He was a big influence on Ghost of Tsushima and inspired one of the special modes that is Samurai Cinema.

In this mode it adds a black and white filter, rain and wind to give a more dramatic tone to the game; thus creating incredible scenes worthy of a samurai movie.

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Photography mode

Ghost of tsushima: everything you need to know | 53d3ac2e chrome 2020 05 14 18 24 24 | married games news | ghost of tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima: Everything you need to know | Ghost of Tsushima

Photo mode is one of the features that have already been confirmed by the developer. Within this mode you will be able to choose the viewing direction of the image and particles of the scenery. As well as it is possible to create animations with soundtrack and some other tools.

See also: Ghost of Tsushima gets new gameplay video.

So as we have more news about the release of Ghost of Tsushima we will update this post. What are you thinking of Ghost of Tsushima so far?

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