Gigabyte is Hacked and Data is stolen

Gigabyte is hacked and intruders steal 112GB of sensitive data threatening the company to expose its information

Gigabyte is hacked
Hacker hacked and stole Gigabyte's data

Taiwan-based computer hardware company Gigabyte has suffered a ransomware attack (a type of virus that invades systems, encrypts files, and charges a fee for their release) by the hacker group RansomEXX. The group not only managed to break into Gigabyte's headquarters server, but stole up to 112GB of sensitive data.

The attack, which took place last week, was carried out by the RansomEXX group, a group of hackers specializing in creating ransomware-type viruses that target large companies. In this case, Gigabyte. As Gigabyte handles a lot of sensitive data, such as new products and hardware, it appears that attackers targeted the manufacturer based on the amount of potential data that could be used for payment or leaked to the public.

According to the report, attackers stole up to 112GB of sensitive data, which includes motherboard designs, sensitive encryption keys, UEFI BIOS versions for unreleased products, TPM data and more.

With a group of attackers now stealing this sensitive information, Gigabyte now runs the risk that all this information will reach the public domain. To prevent this, the company is blackmailed into paying a ransom to hackers to recover the data. If the company refuses to pay, attackers threaten to leak the data to the public and compromise Gigabyte.

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Leaked documents should contain a lot of information, such as the American Megatrends Debug documentation, the Intel Ice Lake-D SKU stack update, the Intel “Potential Issues” document, and AMD's revision guide, among many others. Conversations with hackers, published by the site the record, can be seen in the images, with messages from the invaders themselves wanting to negotiate with someone who has the “power of decision” to speak on behalf of Gigabyte.

Case closed?

According to a Gigabyte representative who spoke with Money UDM, the situation has already been resolved. All affected systems are operating normally thanks to cooperation between Gigabyte and “technical experts from various external information security companies” (translated from Chinese).

The report also indicates that Gigabyte has carried out swift defensive cyber attacks in retaliation and has now overhauled its infrastructure, strengthening its network security to protect itself from future attacks. All of this is great news, but hackers can easily still be in possession of the confidential documents and can still plan to release them to the public.

Some difficult days for Gigabyte

With certain Power Supply models failing catastrophically on camera, the last thing the company needed was to get hacked too. According to the source reviewer, Aristeidis Bitziopoulos, in his tests for the site TechpowerUpIn the late 2020s, some of the power supply models, Gigabyte's GP-P750GM and GP-P850GM models, may be at high risk of malfunction or serious failure. In some cases, these Fountains are even sparking from the side. See the video below

And with malware constantly evolving, and tech giants being such prone targets for attacks right now, companies will need to maintain rigorous measures to ensure their cyber security is up to date.

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What about me? Am I at risk?

Such an attack doesn't aim to get data from individuals and doesn't even try to go after home computers, but that doesn't mean you're totally hassle-free. Once this information is released (or is probably already in the hands of hackers) and they analyze the information of the products that will be released by Gigabyte, this can give them access to vulnerabilities and security holes that these products have. What then yes, can be a risk for the end user.

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As for the products that are already on the market and that you may have on your computer today, the most likely is that if there is any flaw in them, hackers already know about them! Because they can just buy them and study them. The problem is really on account of what is coming out of Gigabyte and what will be the measures they have taken in relation to it. We will keep an eye out for any news about this case.

Now leave in the comments: Do you use Gigabyte products? Are you concerned about your safety? Contact us and enjoy to read more News on our website.

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