God of War Tops PC Sales and Sonytas Complain

A few hours after the announcement, the PC version of Kratos' saga among the Norse Gods is already one of the best-selling games on Steam

Kratos just arrived at Valve's sales platform and God of War is on top of Steam's best selling games. The title hit the digital game store earlier today, with a Sony official announcement through the PlayStation blog and it is already among the best sellers in the world, surpassing other hits like N from Amazon. A quick look at the newsletter shows that the out-of-control war god-turned-father's adventure against the gods of Valhalla comes to CP next year, on January 14th. The version available on the Steam platform costs R$199,90.

The title, which to this day is one of the biggest exclusives of the PlayStation 4, is the fourth game in the main series (which has also been one of Sony's main exclusives for many years) and shook the world of God of War by bringing new gameplay, changes to the combat scheme, focusing the protagonist's fury on the Norse gods and introducing Atreus, his son and fellow journeyman.

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god of war is at the top
Another battlefield conquered by Kratos

God of War is at the top of Steam sales and more to come

The arrival of the game on PC reinforces the policy of Sony to present his exclusives to a new audience, which until then had not had access to any of his works due to the barriers of exclusivity, as happened with Beyond Two Souls, Horizon zero down and will happen with Uncharted 4: Thief's End in a still-undefined future.

"I think some of the art our studios are doing is some of the best in entertainment in the world, and limiting the audience frustrates me.” said Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, in an interview with Games Industry earlier this month.

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God of War will come to PC

The strategy aims not only to win more fans, but also has the potential to generate more sales of PlayStation line consoles, as revealed a little earlier by Shawn Layden, former president of SIE. During his participation in the What's Up PlayStation podcast, the executive said that offering some exclusives on the PC could encourage players on that platform to buy a console to enjoy other games. PlayStation 4 e PlayStation 5.

Not everyone is happy about it

Some sonyists are outraged by the release of the game for the PC, complaining about the end of the game's exclusivity for Sony. Some even speak of a threat of prosecution for "misleading advertising." A channel specializing in God of War also recorded a video talking about the subject. Here are some of the negative reactions to the ad:

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Complaints from players on Complain here:

Complaint against the end of exclusivity
Complaint against the end of exclusivity

Of course, the jokes couldn't be missing either:

Even the God of War Tires of Fighting

Many years have passed since Kratos took his revenge on the gods of Olympus, and now he lives with his son Atreus in Midgard. After the death of Kratos' second wife and Atreus' mother, Faye, they travel to fulfill their promise to scatter their ashes on the highest peak of the nine realms. Kratos keeps his troubled past a secret from Atreus, who is unaware of his divine nature. Before starting his journey, Kratos is confronted by a mysterious man with divine powers.

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After apparently killing him, Kratos and Atreus set out on their journey. They will face various Norse gods and mythological monsters to fulfill their promise and discover a secret that will change everything they know about Atreus forever.

God of War was originally released for PlayStation 4 in 2018. Its sequel, God of War Ragnarok, arrives for PlayStation 4 e PlayStation 5 in 2022.

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