God of War: New Secret Easter Egg Revealed

It has such wonderful and rich games that we ended up taking a long time to really see everything it offers us, as is the case with God of War. Recently, an easter egg was discovered simply because someone dedicated themselves to hacking the game's camera.

Lance McDonald who discovered the easter egg; He was also responsible for discovering things in the PT (Silent Hills) demo; In that it says that the ghost Lisa stays behind you during ALL the game.

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However, after doing this, he put a camera angle on Kratos' initial fight against Baldur. After the fight, Kratos throws Baldur off a cliff, and while Baldur falls the easter egg is done. I believe that it must have been inserted at that moment due to a zueira among the programmers of the game, since in the common camera you can't see it.

As he falls off the cliff, Baldur is showing Kratos the middle finger. Sony Santa Monica certainly didn't think anyone would ever see this, but Lance McDonald is to be congratulated for discovering this funny little secret.

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Other easter eggs from God of War

Infinity Gauntlet and Jewels from the movie Avengers: Infinity War

One of the best easter eggs in the game is this, without a doubt. You get during the gameplay of God of War seven items that have references to the jewels of infinity. is a talisman called “Gauntlet of the Shattered Ages” and of each of the seven enchantments, which are:

  • Njörd's temporal stone (Jewel of Time)
  • Eye of the Outer Kingdom (Space Jewel)
  • Andvari's Soul (Soul Jewel)
  • Shard of Asgard's Existence (Reality Gem)
  • Muspelheim's Eye of Power (Jewel of Power)
  • Ivaldi's Corrupted Mind (Mind Jewel)
God of war infinity gauntlet

If the Talisman level reaches its maximum and you put three of these enchantments on it, it will unlock the ability for Kratos to execute an attack that fires purple laser beams from his fists, similar to Thanos.

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