Google Stadia: Five great titles from EA will reach the platform

Google revealed during today's Stadia Connect that five Electronic Arts games are going to its streaming platform; starting with the third-person Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in 2019, order of arrival; which should reach the platform just before the end of the year. FIFA and Madden NFL - I assume that the 2020 editions of each; although that has not been clarified - they are scheduled to be released sometime in the winter.

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“We are excited to see some of Electronic Arts’s biggest hits at Stadia,” said Phil Harrison, vice president and general manager, Google Stadia. "I can't wait to play EA Sports FIFA, Madden NFL and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on my favorite screens instantly with the click of a button."

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He will wait, however, because it is now April, which means that the end of the year is still eight months away and “winter” can easily reach 2021. Fallen Order and two great EA Sports games are important for Stadia , but that long and incredibly vague launch window doesn't put it in a particularly good light, especially since the three games were released last year. The other two of EA's five “announced” games that arrive on the platform have not been named and will only arrive in 2021, which is also not particularly good.

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Google also announced during the stream that Zombie Army 4: Dead War will be released on Stadia on May 1; and will be added to the free selection available to Stadia Pro subscribers; as well as Steamworld Dig 2 and the Turing Test. A handful of exclusive “First on Stadia” games have also been revealed: Crayta; which in my eyes looks a lot like a standalone Fortnite Creative mode; the third person game Wave Break and the physics-based cooperative game moving company yes Get Packed. PUBG, Octopath Traveler and Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break are also coming to the platform.

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Google recently released the Stadia Pro by subscription for two months for players in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom and USA. He also launched the free version of Stadia, which allows users to buy and play games in his store; but restricts the streaming resolution to 1080p, but is now simply called Stadia, instead of “Stadia Base”, as it was originally known.

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