Grand Cathay gameplay revealed in Total War: WARHAMMER III

Eternal enemies clash for control of the Great Bastion in Total War: WARHAMMER III

Watch Grand Cathay's awesome war machine defend the legendary Great Bastion in the latest Total War: WARHAMMER III video. Fateweaver Kairos, Greater Demon of the God of Chaos Tzeentch, sends his inconceivable hordes forward, and the Storm Dragoness must remain determined to defend her father's empire. See these eternal enemies facing each other:

Learn more about the gameplay of Great Cathay and The Great Bastion

The Great Bastion is a perennial symbol of endurance that has protected Great Cathay for millennia from the wrath of the Gods of Chaos. This titanic wall, virtually impenetrable, and imbued with ancient magic, spans the entire length of the boundary between the Heavenly Dragon Empire and the hostile Deserts of Chaos to the north of the empire. Consisting of three gates, this unique town has access to building chains and its own decrees. Additionally, it can be enhanced by the great Wu Xing Compass, which channels the Winds of Magic to provide greater bonuses in battles and in the campaign. 

By defending this large settlement, players can utilize new features that allow for greater strategic interaction. This includes the ability to build projectile turrets and barricades inside the village, allowing players to create devastating death rows should the enemy breach the outer wall. 

Great cathay gameplay


Of all the Chaos Gods, only Tzeentch was able to establish himself within Great Cathay. The Changer of Things has infiltrated aspects of Cathayan society that are resistant to the more explicit tactics of his brothers. Endowed with magical ability and unrivaled subterfuge, he bestowed such gifts on his minions so that they would wreak havoc on the mortal world. 

More information about Tzeentch and his Legendary Lord, Kairos Weavers-fate, will be revealed shortly and more information about Grande Cathay will be revealed over the next few weeks. For more information about today's revelations, see Total War Blog or learn more about the breed directly from the breeders through Games Workshop's Warhammer Community article.

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