The Great Cathay Comes to Total War: Warhammer III

Welcome to the Land of Celestial Dragons, Relentless Warriors and Incredible War Machines with the arrival of the Great Cathay

“Greater Cathay is a land that lives in harmony with the world around it. Every soldier knows his place in the great project of the Heavenly Dragon Emperor. Known as the Harmony of Stone and Steel, the perfect balance of purpose and will manifests itself in the disciplined armies of Dragons.”

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Legendary Lords of Grand Cathay Come to War

The Great Cathay is one of the oldest and most powerful civilizations in World Warhammer, a civilization that has remained largely unchanged for thousands of years. Who reigns are the sons of the Celestial Dragon Emperor, ancient and powerful beings capable of assuming human form and using mysterious schools of spells known as the Yin and Yang.

Miao Ying, the Dragoness of the Storm, reigns in Cathay of the North and commands the armies of the Great Bastion. Cold and aloof, she reigned in the northern provinces for centuries after her father, the Heavenly Dragon Emperor, had entrusted her with the defense of the realm.

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Zhao Ming, the Iron Dragon, reigns over Cathay of the West and the Heavenly Road that leads to the Mountains of Lamentation. A rugged frontier warrior, the Iron Dragon guards the western edge of the empire and keeps the desert clans in order while his brothers question his sanity.

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Dragons in Total War: Warhammer III

Race Play Style

If Cathay could be described in one word, it would be "harmony". Cathay's Dragons and their armies are creatures that strive for order and balance in all things – including the way they wage their wars.

Although the Dragon Emperor's armies are defensive in nature and are experts at resisting and undermining the enemy using their defense and firepower, the most important element of their mode of combat is ensuring they fight as a single organism. The longer your armies maintain harmony on the battlefield, the greater the unlocked bonuses.

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Answer the Call of War

List of Armies

As one of the most technologically sophisticated nations in the Old World, the nation of the Cathayans is a war machine capable of drawing on a multitude of merciless and deadly units. The heart of the army is made up of experienced troops such as the relentless Jade Warriors and the elite group of Heavenly Dragon Guard, with the devastating support options of the titanic Terracotta Sentinels, the exquisite War Compass Wu Xing and the ethereal Knights of Jade's Glorious Longma.

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Army of Grand Cathay

More information on Grande Cathay will be revealed over the next few weeks. For more information about today's revelations, see Total War Blog or learn more about the breed directly from the breeders through Games Workshop's Warhammer Community article.

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