GTA VI: Game still far from being announced?

Recently there was a PlayStation event that made a console presentation, showing its model and mainly, new games. However, along with it also came the announcement of GTA V for the next generation, which will be released alongside the console, but nothing about GTA VI.

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This is good and bad at the same time, because now, we have no idea when GTA VI will launch. So, with all of this happening, a former producer at Rockstar Games' studio came out to comment on the game, as he worked there to understand a little about the logistics of game production.

Basically, the question remains: Why would Rockstar release a new game when it can continue to update the old one and make money from it for less than half the price?

GTA VI report by former Rockstar producer

“I used to work for Rockstar, so a lot of people came to ask me why GTA VI was not announced along with the PS5 presentation! Well, honestly there are a lot of reasons why it didn't. The technology is constantly changing and at this point it is very complicated to create an AAA game, even more than the dimension of GTA VI. ”

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“In addition, a GTA V update right now is much cheaper than releasing a completely new game now. So if I could guess, I would say that GTA V is going to be on for a while longer before GTA VI is released. ”

So this may be Rockstar's real strategy for not launching an upcoming GTA franchise title for now. Earning some more money with the game in the next update; we can understand that the company is aiming much more for profit than the current satisfaction of its fans.


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