Guild Wars 2: Game Coming to Steam

Eight years after its initial launch, the Guild Wars 2 game, along with the “Living World” expansion, which includes the Icebrood Saga, will finally be coming to Steam in November. The Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire expansions will also be available for purchase on Steam at their regular prices.

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The bad news is that accounts that already exist in Guild Wars 2 will not be converted to Steam, just as Steam accounts cannot be reverted to non-Steam accounts. Fortunately, ArenaNet has confirmed that, although accounts cannot be transferred, the world in which they play will be shared, so newbies will not be isolated in any of the existing games.

"Guild Wars 2 lasted for a good part of a decade because of its innovative gameplay, rich narrative and passionate fan base," said COs Chauncey Gammage of NCsoft West. "As the game's incredible fantasy world prepares to grow once again with the End of Dragons expansion, we are excited to bring this universally acclaimed gaming experience to Steam users around the world."

Guild wars 2 game will come to steam

About Guild Wars 2 and its new End of Dragons expansion

ArenaNet also unveiled a first look at the next Guild Wars 2 DLC, called End of Dragons, which will send players to a mysterious island called Cantha, which has been isolated and silent for more than 200 years. The End of Dragons DLC has a release date of 2021 and you can check out more at

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