Halo Combat Evolved released on Steam

Halo Combat Evolved had a surprise release on Steam with promotional pricing and mod support. See details

Halo combat evolved

The Halo Combat Evolved game was released for PC 03/03. The game had previously been released in 2003; But, this new release features better campaign graphics, taken from the remake of Xbox Anniversary 2011, along with multiplayer matches and other Master Chief Collection benefits, such as being available on Steam. Developer 343 made a surprise release, with no anticipation announcement, although there was a hint that perhaps the game was coming soon.

Three months, with a vacation break in between, seems like a quick turnaround for a new PC port. The entire collection was in development throughout 2019, but it's encouraging that Halo: CE doesn't need a ton of beta testing. 343 Industries ran some beta "flights" in January and February, and we will have everything in our hands soon.

Halo Values

On Steam, you can buy all the Master Chief Collection for $129,00 or you can buy individual games for $50,00 each (assuming they all cost the same as Halo: Reach). This version of Halo Combat Evolved has an unlocked frame rate, FOV options and supports high resolutions like 4K. The original PC version still has an active player base today, thanks to a long life of mods and maps, which 343 called a “community tradition” in a recent blog post.

At launch, the MCC version of Combat Evolved will not have a server browser like the older PC version. But it won't block them either, and the game files are still based on the original PC version. Modders have already added weapons and other new things to the Reach of Halo Combat Evolved, so I hope the legacy Combat Evolved maps and mods will be easy to transport.

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Mod support

In the blog post dedicated to modding, senior producer 343 Michael Fahrny wrote that “for modding, we are still diving into the water. "I have some long-term goals to empower the modding community more than they already are, but I'm not ready to go into details about it yet." ”The development team is creating a new EULA, inspired by Minecraft; Which will allow modders to safely play the game without causing any legal drama between 343 and the community.

"I think the key is to lower the barrier of entry as much as possible, not only to allow people to make mods, but also to allow less technical people to manage their mods," wrote Fahrny. “The current ways can be complicated and cause people to go into a bad state, this is not good for long-term health. More official tools, things like Steam Workshop support, etc. they are the best way forward ”.

Meet the Halo series

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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter franchise created by Bungie and now produced by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Xbox Game Studios.

The game series' plot revolves around an interstellar war between humanity and an alien theocratic alliance known as the Covenant. The Covenant are led by their religious leaders, The Prophets, and worship the ancient civilization known as the Forerunners, who disappeared after fighting a race of parasites known as the Flood.

In the game, we take on the role of super soldier John-117, also called the Master Chief, and we must save humanity from Covernant's war and alien domination. To help us, we have the Cortana artificial intelligence (which currently also helps us on Windows 10)

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The term “Halo” refers to the Halo rings: gigantic habitable structures that were created as weapons of mass destruction to destroy the Floods. Halos are similar to Orbitals found in Iain M. Banks's Culture novels, and author Larry Niven's Ringworld concept.

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