Happenlance arrives on Steam on October 22nd

Shake, stab and launch yourself to victory in this physics duel later this month, or try the demo for free now!

Phillip Trudeau-Tavara and Miles Fogle are proud to announce Happenlance, a pictorial physics platformer, coming to Steam on October 22nd. The demo is available now, so anyone strong enough to win this punitive action adventure can try their hand today.

A player's mission can be fought alone or alongside a friend in online co-op mode. Players will climb towering mountains and face giant armies, all using just a spear, in Sir Happenlance's epic campaign against the monarch. The game also features an online PvP arena mode for players looking to hone their combat skills.

The Happenlance demo is available now, and if you're ready to finish the fight, the full game will be released on Steam on October 22nd.

Happenlance comes to steam

Happenlance comes to Steam. See what's next

Happenlance is an action platformer where you use your mouse to control Sir Happenlance and his trusty spear on a quest to invade the evil king's castle. The knight crisscrosses the fury-inducing platforms of Getting Over It with a brutal combat system, vivid hand-painted 2D worlds, and intricate physics puzzles, all wrapped up in a moody medieval fantasy adventure.


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  • Extensive and pictorial world of mountains, forests, caves and castles
  • 5-hour, 13-chapter single player campaign full of unique and challenging scenarios
  • Intentionally challenge spear-based motion controls
  • Online co-op for wreaking havoc on the campaign
  • Online PvP with rollback netcode for an optimal fighting game experience
  • High quality ragdoll physics simulation with custom game engine
  • Full controller support, including state-of-the-art controllers
  • A unique touch in the “New Game +” game mode
  • An epic, hard-as-nails adventure!

About Phillip Trudeau-Tavara and Miles Fogle


Phillip Trudeau-Tavara and Miles Fogle are the two independent developers who co-created Happenlance, building the game from scratch during quarantine. Phillip is based in Toronto, Canada and Miles is based in Missouri, USA, and together they led an all-online global team of artists and developers to complete the game.

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