Epic Games Store: Run for free Horizon Chase Turbo

Horizon Chase Turbo free: The Brazilian developer Aquiris Games Studio announced that Horizon Chase Turbo will be free until July 1st at Epic Games Store at 12:29 pm (Brasilia time), and in addition, fans of the franchise will have the right to new exclusive skins for free through the Complete Your Collection season, which will run from 06/25 to 07/8. During the season, players will have XNUMX special skins that will be distributed on several different days and Playgroud Seasons updated twice a week for a better gameplay experience.

Horizon Chase Disclosure Image | epic games store: run to get horizon chase turbo for free
Epic Games Store: Run to secure Horizon Chase Turbo for free

The game's distribution is part of the Epic Game Store's own program, which consists of providing one game per week. And, it seems, The Spectrum Retreat will be the next game that will be free, so stay tuned because free game, everybody likes it, doesn't it?! Run to the Epic Games website and guarantee your game!

More about Horizon Chase Turbo free

Horizon Chase Turbo is an arcade-style racing electronic game released in 2018 by Brazilian game developer Aquiris Game Studio for PS4, PCs (download via Steam), Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It is an improved version of Horizon Chase – World Tour, released in 2015 by the same developer, who was invited by Sony to port it to their console. As a result, it became the first Brazilian game sold on disk by the Japanese gaming giant.

This “boosted” version of Horizon Chase – World Tour includes improved graphics, more cars and tracks, and features new features such as local and online co-op modes. It was also released for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on November 28, 2018.

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