Horizon Zero Dawn - Game was cracked on the day of its launch

The Horizon Zero Dawn game was a highly anticipated release for PC players, and it was a huge success, very well ported to the platform and everything. However, on the same day of its release, the game ended up cracked by the Codex group. The game was released without DRM (Digital Right Management), which consists of a set of technologies that are used in digital content so as not to be “cracked”. However, after some research done by the site crackwatch, many users commented that the game was without DRM being downloaded by Epic Games Launcher, making the launcher unnecessary for the game to start, thus enabling Codex crackers to achieve this feat.

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Zero Dawn Horizon: Crackwatch
Horizon Zero Dawn on Crackwatch

Remembering that at MarriedGames we do not support the download of cracked games; piracy is a crime! Always choose to buy the original game if you can afford it.

About Horizon Zero Dawn

Em Horizon Zero Dawn, you take control of Aloy, a young hunter who was exiled from her tribe at birth. After many years of training, Aloy has the ability to explore the outside world for the first time, which is actually dominated by several machines that look like the extinct dinosaurs. Then, Aloy will have to discover the secrets of an ancient civilization and deal with several different dangers. Always learning new techniques, of course.

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