'Hot Tub Meta': Twitch creates new streaming category

New category has already been added to the platform

After much controversy around the subject, Twitch decided to take action. However, it may not have been what was expected. The platform is not going to be totally banning content formally known as "Hot Tub Meta", but rather putting it in a new category on its website.

Last Friday, Twitch announced the creation of the category “Swimming pools, bathtubs and beaches” in reaction to the increase in the number of women (the vast majority) wearing bikinis in their hot tubs, dominating the “Just in conversation” section.

hot tub goal

Hot Tub Goal

The controversy of those against the "hot tub meta" is that bathers' normal beach attire inflicts Twitch rules about "nudity and dress" and "sexually suggestive content".

Twitch addressed this in its statement. “Our intention with the policy of Sexually Suggestive was to set a limit on the content that was open ou explicitly with a sexual connotation, not banning any content that could be considered sexually suggestive, but we recognize that our rules are not as clear as they could be, ”said Twitch.

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Twitch also said that a general ban on content that could be understood as suggestive would severely limit the number of games that could theoretically be broadcast on the platform. In addition, Twitch says it will update policies on sexually suggestive content "in the coming months".

Twitch also commented on the state of the ads that are disappearing from the creators' channels. “At Twitch, brands decide where and when their ads appear,” he explains. “Today, they can target or avoid specific categories of content and flag channels that don't meet their standards. This means that Twitch, in rare cases, will suspend advertising on a channel at the request of advertisers. ”

In addition, the platform also says that it is working with individual creators in specific situations.

Twitch's policies regarding the broadcast of "hot tub meta" became a major talking point earlier this week when popular streamer Amouranth lost ads on his channel. She claims that Twitch did not contact him "in any way".

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All you need to star in the new category are suitable swimwear, as described in the section Twitch's “Swimming and Beaches” for the current “Nudity and Clothing” policy.

Twitch recognizes that these changes will not make everyone happy and said that it is evaluating long-term solutions to improve its “brand segmentation capabilities”. More details on the category “Swimming pools, bathtubs and beaches” (or hot tub meta) can be found at help section from Twitch.

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