How to catch the Aquaman Trident in Fortnite (EASY)

Epic Games launched Aquaman's fifth and final major challenge in Fortnite, and could offer an incredible item. This challenges you to claim the Trident at Coral Cove, but is also part of the challenge of unlocking Aquaman skins. If you are a big fan of Aquaman, you will definitely want to do this.

However, only if you have the Season 3 Battle Pass, you can now complete this challenge to earn new rewards, here's another guide on where Coral Cove is located and how to find the Trident when you get there. Keep in mind that there is still one more challenge you can complete if you have already completed the five required for his outfit.

Where's Trident?

Coral Cove is located in the northwest section of the map, between 2B and 3B; it is a landmark named northwest of Sweaty Sands and southwest of the large hot tub. The Trident that you need to acquire can be found on a rock in the middle of the water in this area, it is north of a large boat and southeast of a small island. You can see the exact location of the Trident on the map below.

Location of the aquaman trident

Claiming the Aquaman Trident is as simple as holding the interaction button or key, but it takes a long time to complete; therefore, be careful with hostile players who are hunting those who are completing challenges. As the stone is right in the middle of the water, you will be able to see it as you fall off the battle bus. Simply land and grab it before you get killed to complete the challenge.

Aquaman's trident
How to catch Aquaman's Trident in Fortnite (EASY) | epic games store, fortnite | Aquaman's Trident

So when you complete this challenge you unlock the Aquaman Trident itself as a new pick option for you. So this is also a step to unlock the Aquaman skin, as you need to complete all five challenges to win it. This being the fifth challenge, Aquaman skin and the alternative version, which requires completing an extra separate challenge, diving into Gorgeous Gorge while wearing Aquaman skin, are now unlockable.

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How to catch aquaman's trident in fortnite (easy) | f5250ee0 3707757 aqua | married games news | epic games store, fortnite | aquaman trident
How to catch Aquaman's Trident in Fortnite (EASY) | epic games store, fortnite | Aquaman's Trident

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