Learn how to play My Crypto Heroes, the Blockchain RPG

At the end of a glorious quest, it's common for RPG heroes to be rewarded with treasure. Time for you to win a share of it with My Crypto Heroes

Playing My Crypto Heroes is a slightly different way to play RPG. Think of a conventional game: The heroes have reached the end of their journey and saved the world. Defeating the dragon, they invaded its lair and found an abundance of treasures. Gold, gems, wonderful weapons and artifacts, and the promise of amazing new adventures. And you, the player, got… a game over. Yeah… it doesn't seem very fair that all heroes get rich with their treasures and you've only been left with one game less to play. It's time for you to earn your share of the treasure as well.

My Crypto Heroes (MCH) is a new type of roleplaying game and its model that uses Blockchain technology. A casual character management game where players collect and train historical heroes (Napoleon, Einstein, Madame Curie, Leonardo DaVinci and others) in the game's universe. To start playing, there are some additional steps required before playing blockchain games. For beginners, I will explain in detail how to start playing My Crypto Heroes.

play my crypto heroes
My team is Einstein, Joana D'Arc and Da Vinci

Quick FAQ

How do you get heroes?

To buy heroes, you must first buy GUM (the in-game currency) with ETH and use the MCH market.

How to make money with My Crypto Heroes

Players can win promotions and fight each other online. What's interesting is the fact that both characters and items in this virtual world are tradable as NTF

How does My Crypto Heroes work?

My Crypto Heroes is a casual management RPG where players collect and train historical heroes in the game's universe. The main gameplay consists of PvE (Dungeon Explorer) and PvP battles with your trained heroes.

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How to play My Crypto Heroes

The main gameplay consists of PvE (Dungeon Explorer) and PvP battles with your trained heroes. Also, in Dungeon Explorer, players can find and earn equipment (extensions) for their heroes. At the beginning of the game, having 3 heroes is the minimum necessary for you to build a team and explore a dungeon, but having a team with nine heroes will be ideal for the game.

For extensions, there are two different types. The first is categorized as an 'original extension' that can be traded and stats can be increased. The other is a 'replica extension', which has fixed statistics and cannot be traded. Therefore, original extensions will be more valuable and stronger than replicas.

My Crypto Heroes uses blockchain technology to store the game's 'Heroes' and 'Original' extensions in the blockchain. This allows players to freely trade the game's digital assets. But before doing that, you need a specific app called “Wallet” to buy and store game assets and cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum (ETH). You can play without using any cryptocurrency; however, cryptocurrency is essential to enjoy gameplay to its fullest extent.

Set up your account for your wallet

The MCH has two ways to sign in: “Sign in with a wallet” and “Sign in with a Google account (for a test)”. Again, for full-scale gameplay, you'll need encryption and a wallet. So, on the MCH, select “Sign in with Wallet”. See in the game which wallets are accepted by the game or you can use your personal one and see if it's compatible with the game.

If this is your first account, don't forget to back up your account. A backup is required if you lose your mobile device and need to recover your account. If you lose your backup, you will not be able to access your assets.

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Buy ETH and send it to your wallet

If you don't have an account with a cryptocurrency exchange, you will need to open an account with one of them first. You can purchase ETH by credit card, but there will be additional fees. After purchasing the ETH then ship it to your wallet. You can find your ETH address in the “wallet” menu.

Now, you need to go to the game's Market Place to buy some starter heroes. Buy GUM (in-game currency) with ETH and use the MCH Marketplace. Browse the store a little, see what is being sold, which ones you like and, above all, which you can pay for. You get a hero sold by someone. Check back occasionally because it might be cheaper than you expected. It's easy to buy. Click on the hero you want to buy and click on “BUY NOW”.

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The MCH ecosystem

All heroes except Novices (standard heroes) are tradable ​​on the Ethereum network. There are some roles players can take on in the game and some character types that must be combined to create a powerful team in My Crypto Heroes. Here are some of the roles that characters can assume:


Farmers go on quests to level up heroes and find rare items. Sell ​​your loot on the market to earn GUM, the MCH currency.

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Warriors fight in PvP battles for rare items and fame. Prove your skills in regular tournaments, ground-versus-ground battles, and custom arenas.

The creator

Are you the creative type? Sell ​​your self-made hero skins on the GUM art market. In other words, creative in your own tournament modes.


Traders use the game market to earn GUM. They buy their supply from farmers and equip warriors before sending their heroes into battle.

My Crypto Heroes Starter Strategy Guide

Once you have your heroes, you can start building your team. A 'team' in My Crypto Heroes consists of three heroes, and battles take place automatically through these defined teams. Therefore, the organization and configuration of your first team is important. The early stages aren't that difficult so it's okay to only have three heroes on your team and you'll continue to level up.

my crypto heroes
Is it Marx here in the lower right corner?

Building Your Team

You can form a team on the “Team” tab. There your heroes will be displayed and you can place them in teams, combining their strengths and weaknesses. As with any game of this type, heroes are stronger or weaker in certain respects, and combining them so that each uses their strengths to compensate for the weaknesses of others is ideal. You can organize 3 different teams and also register duplicate heroes. Since endurance is set individually for each Hero, if you have 3 teams x 3 = 9 Heroes, you can play efficiently.

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Hero Settings

The Hero setup has three components as follows.

  • Outreach
  • art edit
  • Defining Passive Skill Sets

About Extensions

Extensions are basically items like equipment and weapons. You don't have any extensions at first, but when you venture into Dungeons and enemies will drop those extensions for you and then you can equip your heroes with these extensions. Extensions have the effect of updating your stats and the ability to change your abilities.

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of extensions, “Replica” and “Original”. The original extensions can be upgraded and therefore can perform much better than “replica extensions”. When you get an Original extension, I recommend that you always equip your Hero with it, even if it's weak at first.

About Art Edit

Art Edit is a unique system in My Crypto Heroes that allows you to change the graphics of your heroes. Depending on the graphic, the skill of “Art Editing” is gained. As the option is available, I recommend that you configure it from the beginning.

about passive skills

Passive abilities are hero-specific abilities. Passive abilities are powerful and trigger under certain conditions. They are one of the most important factors that can determine victory or defeat in battle. When selecting a Hero, you should look closely at Passive abilities and combine them with other Heroes to take advantage of it!

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crypto heroes
Like every good RPG, it has to have a fighter

About defining your skills

A total of three abilities are considered Hero actions. Two of them come from extensions and the last one comes from art editing. Their order is interchangeable. You always need to think strategically, like this:

  • First you define your buff skill, that is, the skill that will help your heroes' stats;
  • Then the recovery skill is set second by observing the right time.

During battle, heroes repeat the order determined by the skill set. Some options allow you to adjust your combat strategies against enemies. If you play like me normally, without making it harder for you, you should have no problems. If you want to play more strategically, here are some ways to increase your chance of winning:

  • Based on the difference in abilities and strength of each hero, you can organize your fighting order accordingly. It's up to you to keep your trump card until the end.
  • Also, you can change each hero's attack combinations. Click on the hero and drag the action bar to change its order.

Dungeon Exploration (Node)

After you finish building your team, you can explore a dungeon (Node System). The nodes are divided into 6 levels for each of the 4 types.

  • atanasoff: You can earn physical type extensions. Enemies attack by physical types.
  • antikythera: Here you can gain some intelligence type extensions. Enemies attack by intelligence types.
  • Hollerith: In this part of the dungeons, enemies can drop recovery type extensions. Enemies attack by physical types.
  • Turing: Increased drop of defense type extensions. Enemies attack and recover by special types.

When you start, I recommend getting to level 10 on the “Atanassof” node for leveling and acquiring weapons. This will increase the level and increase the drop chance of the "Novis Blade" and "Elite Blade" extensions. Two extensions of the “Original Extension” type.

my crypto heroes
Goblins stand between you and your cryptocurrencies. Will leave?

Once you get it, equip it right away! Heroes' extensions will gain experience along with the Hero as a result of this. You'll repeat capturing Node, with the aim of leveling up and unlocking the original extensions. In the future, Guild matches and Rank matches will be implemented.

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Like heroes, extensions that can improve your hero's performance are also categorized into 5 different levels: common, unusual, rare, epic and legendary. You can buy ORIGINAL extensions with GUM in the market or get them from Nodes.

In addition to the originals, there are also replicas of the original extensions that can arm your heroes. Replicas are divided into 7 rarity levels and can only be acquired by beating the node. Compared to the original extensions, they are not transformed into ERC-721 tokens and therefore are non-tradable. You can use your replicas to equip heroes or convert them to GUMs at a real-time exchange rate.

If you continue to develop your heroes and consider the strategies, you can evolve favorably well in My Crypto Heroes and, with that, get better extensions and heroes, which could become a good amount of cryptocurrencies in the future.

Now, leave it there in the comments: Did you like MCH? Want to start playing My Crypto Heroes? Did these tips help you make a decision? Contact us and take the opportunity to read more about criptomoedas on our website.

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