How to reset Xbox One to factory settings?

At some point you, the user of Xbox One you'll have to reset your console, whether due to crashes, screens of death or even to make a sale and hand over your brand-new device to someone else. Whatever your reason, here you'll learn some reset methods for your console in a completely safe way and recommended by Microsoft itself, still being able to choose between deleting all your games and information or keeping everything you've previously saved.

How to reset xbox one to factory settings?
How to reset Xbox One to factory settings?

One thing you should be aware of though is that if you do the reset procedures you will delete all accounts linked to the console. Accounts must be added manually again, one by one. After becoming aware of this, let's start the official Xbox support tutorial. Check it out!

How to reset Xbox One

Using the console's own settings

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How to reset Xbox One to factory settings?| Via: Xbox support (official)

If you're ready to reset the console's factory default settings, follow these steps:

  1. Press the button Xbox to open the panel.
  2. Selecione Profile and system > settings > System > console information.
  3. Selecione reset console.
  4. On the screen Restore console?, you will see three options:
    • Restore and remove all. This option restores the console to factory settings. All user data including accounts, saved games, settings, Xbox home memberships and all games and apps will be deleted. Use this option when selling or giving away the console, or as a last resort in some troubleshooting cases.
    • Restore and keep my games and apps. Use this option as the main one when troubleshooting problems. It restores OS and deletes all possibly corrupted data without deleting games or apps. In some cases, if a corrupted game file is causing your issue, you may need to select Restore and remove all, but always start with Restore and keep my games and apps.
    • Cancel. To exit this screen, select the button Cancel. No action is taken so far. The option allows you to exit the screen safely.

After you select one of the options, the Xbox console begins the process of erasing the selected content and resetting the default settings.

Reset using a pendrive

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How to reset Xbox One to factory settings?

On the computer, if you cannot restore the factory default settings because you have no screen image or cannot access the menu settings, you can perform this action using a file loaded on a USB flash drive.To use a USB flash drive to restore the console to factory defaults, you will need:

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  • A Windows-based computer with an Internet connection and a USB port
  • A USB flash drive with a minimum space of 4GB and formatted as NTFS

It is important to note that most USB flash drives come formatted as FAT32 and will need to be reformatted to NTFS. Formatting a USB flash drive in this procedure erases all files on it.

After formatting the drive to NTFS, follow the steps below.

  1. Connect your pen drive to a USB port on your computer.
  2. Select the following link to download the restore file to your computer. This zipped file contains the files needed to reset your Xbox console to factory defaults: Restore factory defaults
  3. Selecione Save to save the console update file to your computer (if it doesn't download automatically)
  4. To unzip the zipped file, right-click on the file and select Extract everything in the pop-up menu.
  5. Copy the file $ SystemUpdate from the .zip file to your USB flash drive.

on console:

  1. Disconnect the network cable if you are using a wired network connection.
  2. Turn off your console and unplug the power cord to ensure the console is completely turned off.
  3. Wait 30 seconds and plug in the power cord again.
  4. Plug the flash drive into a USB port on your console. For more information, see: How to use your Xbox console's USB ports
  5. Press and hold the button Pair Xbox One: located on the left side of the console) and the button Eject (Xbox One: located on the front of the console) and press the button Xbox on the console.
  6. Keep pressing the button Pair and the button Eject for 10-15 seconds.
  7. Hear two “startup” tones a few seconds apart.
  8. you can release the buttons Pair e Eject /uE400 after the second ring to turn on.
  9. When the console restarts, remove the flash drive.
  10. After the console restarts, you will see the digital setup experience to guide you through resetting the console.

Reset by buttons

How to reset xbox one to factory settings? | 07485ae9 xbox one bind eject button | married games news | console, microsoft, xbox, xbox one | how to reset xbox one
How to reset Xbox One to factory settings?

press the button Pair and the button Eject at the same time it forces the console to look for the USB drive update as the console will not look for a USB drive unless necessary. This helps reduce the time the console starts up on all startups when this step is not required. The first wake-up signal occurs approximately 10 seconds after power on. This indicates that a USB update has been detected. The second startup tone indicates that the update file has been copied and mounted. This is important, as it confirms that you have successfully started the process.

All information taken from: Xbox support (official)

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More about Xbox One

Xbox One is an eighth generation video game console, produced by the company Microsoft, launched in 2013 as the third edition of the Xbox series and successor to the Xbox 360. It competes directly with the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles. Marketed eight years after the launch of the Xbox 360. Xbox One features games with high definition graphics superior to those seen in its predecessor. It was announced on May 21, 2013, presented to the public by Microsoft's interactive entertainment business president Don Mattrick at the Xbox Reveal special event as the successor to the Xbox 360. Its official launch was made in November 2013 at a cost of US $499,00 (€499,00 or R$2.299,00). The Xbox One development codename was called Durango and was officially announced on May 21, 2013.

After the console's release, Microsoft revealed that the console would need a constant internet connection to function, saying it would bring a number of benefits, including developers who will be able to rely on a connection to Microsoft servers for computing on cloud and allowing the sharing of game titles. Players would have to authenticate their game every 24 hours via a constant internet connection, including single-player and offline games.

In addition, digital rights management restrictions would mean that players would be forced to trade their games only at participating stores, while discs can only be shared once, and only with a friend who had been on the player's friend list per more than 30 days. Industry and consumer reception were largely negative.

In response, on June 19, Microsoft unveiled a policy reversal, detailing that restrictions on used games would be dropped, and that both physical games and games with digital content would work as they do on the Xbox 360, without the constant connection to the internet (but an internet connection will be required the first time the console is turned on), and that games can be shared with friends without authentication, while digital titles will be linked to the account. One-time connection will be required in order to update the console with a patch.

Xbox One received positive reviews primarily for its refined controller design, multimedia features and voice navigation. Its quieter, cooler design was praised for making the console more reliable than its predecessor at launch, but the console was generally criticized for running games at a technically lower graphical level than the PlayStation 4. Its original user interface was criticized for not being intuitive, although changes made to it and other aspects of the console software post-release have received positive reception. O Kinect received praise for its improved accuracy, face recognition logins and voice commands.

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