Humble Bundle: PDXCON Sale just launched

The PDXCON Sale just launched at the Humble Bundle Store on Friday, October 18, at 10 am. The sale will take place until Tuesday, October 22, at 10am.

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Humble bundle
Humble Bundle: PDXCON Sale just released | Humble Bundle

What does this sale offer?

The sale has hundreds of offers that include both games and DLC's with 10% to 80% discount, follows a list of the most relevant.

  • Cities Skylines
  • Magick 2
  • Hearts Of Iron IV
  • Age of Wonders III
  • Age of Wonders Planetfall
  • Knights of Pen and Paper
  • Surviving Mars

About the Humble Bundle

First, the Humble Bundle was created to encourage indie developers and raise money for charity. Nowadays, due to its success, the project has become a virtual store, just like Steam and Origin. However, there is a difference: at Humble you can pay as much as you like for the game / software packages known as bundles.

These bundles stay in the store for a limited time, and after the timeout, other packages enter the scene.

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Humble bundle: pdxcon sale just released | 8a88fa654693019cbe2ea724259402d591fd26e6 | married games news, tips/guides | humble bundle
Humble Bundle: PDXCON Sale just released | Humble Bundle

How shopping works

In the store you can choose to buy individual games or game packages the famous bundles, Each package contains three different purchase options, each with a minimum value to be reached, each purchase option contains different numbers of games.

An example: paying only R $ 5 I can buy three games, now if I pay 15 R $ I get the three previous games and 2 more games, and finally if I pay 30 R $ I get all the previous games and three more games, thus totaling 8 games for 30 R $. Remembering that you can get the price you want, as long as it fits the minimum price of the package options.

To access the Humble Bundle click here, and to access the PDXCON Sale click here

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