Humble Bundle: Square Enix Week

Then Square Enix Publisher Week just launched at the Humble Store on Tuesday, September 24, at 10 am Pacific time! Certainly this promotion launched in the Humble Store is sensational. But the sale will run until Monday, September 30, at 10 am Pacific time. That is, run before everything is over. It won't be long before the promotion goes down.

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Among the games, there are the biggest franchises of Square Enix, as well as:

Final Fantasy Series

  • Final Fantasy III
  • Final Fantasy IV
  • F. Fantasy IV: The After Years
  • F. Fantasy V
  • FF Type-0 HD
  • FF XIII-2
  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
  • Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age
  • Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition
  • F. Fantasy XV Episode Ardyn Complete Edition

Just Cause Series

  • Just Cause
  • Just Cause 2
  • J. Cause 3
  • J. Cause 4
  • J. Cause 4 - Digital Deluxe Edition
  • J. Cause 4 - Gold Edition
  • J. Cause 4: Expansion Pass

A série Jmouth Causes she is particularly known for focusing on chaos and exaggerated physics, especially with a strong emphasis on the ideals of freedom, in which in all games there are several factions that wish to have control of a small nation, as they are overwhelmed by a powerful leader. Players control Rico Rodriguez, described by the creators as being "the son of a thousand comic books and action movies."

Tomb Raider Series

  • Tomb Raider
  • Tomb Raider II
  • T. Raider III
  • T. Raider GOTY Edition
  • T. Raider
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider Season Pass
  • Shadow of The Tomb Raider - Digital Deluxe Edition
  • S. of the Tomb Raider
  • S. of the Tomb Raider - Croft Edition
  • Rise of the Tomb Raid: 20 Years Celebration

So the Tomb Raider franchise has the character Lara Croft as the protagonist. In principle since its launch in 1996, Lara has become one of the main icons in the gaming industry. In addition, the Guinness Book recognized Lara Croft as “the World's Best Video Game / Video Game Hero Hero” in 2006.

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