Hyper Scape will be released along with its first season on August 11

The first season, called The First Principle, will feature a new weapon and a magnetic hack that can trap other players. In total, the season will allow you to handle 11 weapons and 11 hacks, and you can also expect some limited time modes, although Ubisoft hasn't revealed what they will be.

In addition to chasing each other over and over, there is apparently a mystery that will likely soon be revealed like all the other mysteries in the game. To start, you'll have to hunt for fragments of memory that reveal some important traditions and information.

Hyper Scape's legally required battle pass will be getting an update with the first season, divided into free and premium content. The premium can be purchased with the currency you can earn in the game, although it probably takes a while. You can also shell out real money for in-game currency packs.

The game doesn't seem to have enough relevant content and innovations to explore the battle royale genre, which is currently very popular. Many games have come and gone in a short time, and it will take something special to attract people from Warzone and Fortnite, for example.

Hyper Scape to be released along with its first season on August 11th | Hyper Scape

It is also unusual that it moved from the ad to the launch so quickly. It's not unheard of, but it also occurs at a time when Ubisoft probably wants people to talk about things other than the many allegations of abuse and claims of toxicity in their workplace.

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There will be a small gap between the beta and launch, but you can continue playing until August 2nd. The open beta version you will be able to access on August 11th.

About Hyper Scape

Hyper Scape, the new free battle royale from Ubisoft, was announced just a month ago, but is already approaching its launch. Currently in open beta, it will be officially released on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on August 11th. Check out Official Site for more information and download.

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