Integrated Instagram and Messenger: See What's New

The integration of messages between the Instagram e Messenger this Thursday (15). The novelty had been announced in September last year, but was only available to a few users in the testing phase. Now, it officially arrives for everyone!

From this change, you will not need to have both applications installed on your phone, since the messages will be shared between the two. And this is just the beginning of the news that the integration brought, there were more than ten new functions.

“In our survey, four out of five people using messaging apps in the U.S. say that spending more time connecting with friends and family on these apps is important to them, while one out of three people has trouble remembering where to find certain conversations. With this update, it will be even easier to stay connected without thinking about which app to use to find your friends and family ” - Adam Mosseri & Stan Chudnovsky

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Instagram and Facebook Messenger now integrated!

How to Integrate Instagram and Messenger

Anyone who already wants to use the new integration functions between the two applications, beware! In fact, it is very simple:

  • For you who use Facebook Messenger, the integration will be done automatically, just keep the app updated.
  • For those who install one of the applications starting today, the integration will also be done automatically, without headaches!
  • Now, for those who use Instagram, it will display a message to update the application: “there is a new way to send messages on Instagram”, he warns. Then, just click update and that's it!
Instagram and messenger integration
Message displayed on Instagram screen for update

New Features

Come on, for the integration to be total, Instagram Direct received several news, follow the details:

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  • Watch Together. Already available on Facebook Messenger for some time, it will now be possible to watch videos in real time together with others also on Instagram. Be it Reels, IGTV, Facebook Watch, just create a video chat room, find the option “TV and cinema” and choose what to watch.

Two series are being brought by Instagram to celebrate the new role: Post Malone's Celebrity World Pong League and Here for It with Avani Gregg, which are exclusive to be watched by apps through Watch Together.

Integrated Instagram and messenger: see what's new | 34ce40c5 urges to watch | married games news, technology | cell, instagram, mobile | instagram and messenger
Post Malone series is available exclusively for the Watch Together function
  • Animated effects. With WhatsApp, it is now possible to send stickers in your conversation. The best part is that you can CREATE these stickers with your own photos and Boomerangs!
  • Reply message. Also following WhatsApp, it is possible to reply to specific messages of your choice.
  • Temporary mode. This is new for both apps. From the temporary mode it will be possible to send messages that disappear when they are read or when closing the conversation. It's like an 'anonymous guide', where you can say things without them being in the conversation's history.

To activate the feature, just swipe up on an existing conversation and voileThe! You are already in temporary mode. One more slide up and you're back to normal conversation.

However, Temporary Mode follows some rules for user safety: only people who follow Instagram or are logged in to Messenger can use it, you can choose whether or not to go to Temporary Mode with someone, and you will also be notified if someone takes a screenshot of the conversation in this mode.

Temporary Mode is being released gradually for all users, so it may not be available to you yet because of this.

Integrated Instagram and messenger: see what's new | 8a535f80 urges temporary | married games news, technology | cell, instagram, mobile | instagram and messenger
Temporary mode is not yet available for all countries
  • Personalized reactions. You can also react to messages with emotes of your choice.
  • Forward message. You can forward messages to up to 5 friends or groups at once.
  • Message effects. You can personalize your messages with different effects.
  • Chat themes. It is now possible to personalize your conversations with different colored themes. The main novelty is the theme with animated characters inspired by the seven members of the South Korean group BTS, called TinyTAN.
Integrated Instagram and messenger: see what's new | 177f2d2f insta bts | married games news, technology | cell, instagram, mobile | instagram and messenger
Special theme based on the BTS group
  • Upgrade in security and privacy. You will be able to choose who can and cannot send messages or requests to you, in addition to reporting entire messages or chats, and blocking inconvenient people.

So, did you like the changes? Can't wait to use your Insta DMs with Facebook Messenger? Comment here for us!

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