Intel: Company acquires Rivet Networks

Intel announced that it has acquired Rivet Networks and will integrate the brand's "Killer" logo into its wireless product portfolio. In addition to this, Intel also intends to license software with the Killer logo that will increase the power of any hardware bearing the name.

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Rivet Networks is the evolution of what was Bigfoot Networks, which introduced the Killer NIC (network interface card) to the market a decade ago. Anyway. now, aimed at the gamer audience, the Killer NIC is plugged directly into a PCI Express slot on the computer to decrease internet overhead, with the promise that you will have a low ping for more fluid gameplay.

Intel video card
The new GPU brand is coming

Qualcomm entered and acquired Bigfoot Networks in 2011 and, a few years later; an important member of the original Bigfoot Networks team withdrew Qualcomm's Rivet Networks under the Killer brand.

Since then, they have developed network controllers with the Killer brand, both wired and wireless. Several years ago, we said that motherboards with Killer network adapters were not worth the money; because all the optimizations and custom drivers just didn't make a tangible difference in our tests.

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Intel brings a lot of talent to the equation and, of course, has almost unlimited resources (compared to what Rivet Networks had to work on before the acquisition).

What it really takes remains to be seen. While Intel is keeping some details close to the vest; told Anandtech that everyone at Rivet Networks who was offered a job at Intel after the acquisition accepted the offer. Intel also said it is interested in injecting DNA Killer into a variety of PC gaming products at scale. So stay tuned.

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