Invented the first AI capable of crying

In fact, converting text to speech is an extremely useful technology. Sonantic is a company that claims to have created an AI capable of crying. Now AI can be just as sad as we are.

The principle is that it is a process of converting text to speech with the ability to express feelings. “The company's goal is to really capture that deep emotion using machine learning,” says Felix Vaughhan, Sonantic's deep learning researcher. "And the first thing we focused on was sadness."

So a video was made available where, according to Sonantic, the voices of the mother and daughter in the video are entirely computer generated.

The video also included some of the creators who participated, however, they are very cautious when explaining how it works. The process involves real actors who help bring artificial voices to life. Actors who have agreed to participate can receive passive income in the future when customers decide to use their voice.

At first, users will be able to import a script, choose from a few voice models to interpret the dialogue. You can adjust the AI ​​to improve your performance for more or less emotions, projection, pace and other adjustable things. Check out the official website from Sonantic.

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