Pokémon Jungle Secrets and New Illustrated Prints Arrive Today

New Pokémon Movie Comes to Netflix and New Greeting Cards for Trading Card Game Fans

The Pokémon Company International has launched the following animated products and content, offering fans more ways to enjoy the world of Pokémon and continue to celebrate the brand's 25th anniversary. Pokémon Jungle Secrets debuts on Netflix and trainers around the world (except Japan, China and Korea) can now log onto Netflix to watch the newest animated feature in the franchise, Pokémon, the movie: Jungle Secrets.

The film chronicles the journey of a human boy named Zaza, who was raised by a lone Zarude, and his adventures with Ash and Pikachu while exploring the bonds between Pokémon and humans, and between father and son. A new trailer for the movie will also be released today and can be viewed here.

In addition to Pokémon Secrets of the Jungle, the release of Pokémon Illustrated Print Celebrations begins today

The long-awaited expansion of Pokémon Illustrated Prints, Celebrations, which celebrates 25 years of Pokémon, has already started to be launched at participating stores around the world. Available in seven different products, Celebrations features some of the fan-favorite Pokémon, card arts and game mechanics that span the entire history of Illustrated Pokémon.

The Celebrations expansion also features a 25-card Classic Collection with a special design very similar to the original look of the franchise's historic cards, such as Charizard from the Core Collection, Umbreon ☆ and Tapu Lele-GX. Additionally, many Celebration products feature promotional cards that combine newly discovered Pokémon with popular forms from previous expansions, such as Luminous Pokémon, Delta Species Pokémon (δ), and Star Pokémon (☆).

For more information about Pokémon, the movie: Secrets of the Jungle, visit the official website of the film. For more information about Illustrated Pokémon, visit the official website.

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Pokémon Jungle Secrets
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