Just Dance 2021: Ubisoft confirmed release date

On August 26 the Ubisoft announced that Just Dance 2021 will be released in 12 November for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia and with updated version for PS5 and Xbox Series X. According to the company, the game will have more than 40 songs, including hits by Shawn Mendes, Dua Lipa, Tones and I, Daddy Yankee, TWICE, Lizzie and Billie Eilish.

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Just dance 2021: ubisoft confirmed release date
Just Dance 2021 | Ubisoft

See the songs already confirmed for Just Dance 2021 | Ubisoft:

  • Dreamers' Heat Seeker
  • “Juice”, by Lizzo
  • “All the good girls go to hell”, by Billie Eilish
  • “In The Navy”, by The Sunlight Shakers
  • “Zenit”, by Onuka
  • “Señorita”, by Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello
  • “Dance Monkey”, by Tones And I
  • “Que Tire Pa Lante”, by Daddy Yankee
  • “Don't Start Now”, by Dua Lipa

By purchasing Just Dance 2021, users will have free access to the service Just Dance Unlimited. The one-month trial period gives you access to the game's full repertoire of over 550 songs.

With more than 135 million players worldwide and over 70 million copies sold, Just Dance 2021 hits stores as the main entertainment bet for the end of the current generation and the beginning of what is to come.

Just Dance 2021 | xbox series x | ps4 | nintendo swtch
Just Dance 2021 | xbox series x | ps4 | nintendo swtch

Game news:

 Just Dance 2021 will come with a random playlist, can be used on the home screen. Another novelty is the improvement of the "World dance floor", where players can propose a challenge to their friends from all over the world. Servers will seek opponents with the same skill level in order to maximize the user's competitive experience. Finally, game modes present in other titles in the franchise will return to the new version. "Sweat Mode", "Kids Mode" and "Coop" will be part of the new title.

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Just dance 2021 - Ubisoft

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