Kingdom Hearts is coming to mobile!

On the 22nd of January the Square Enix announced that a game from its successful franchise Kingdom Hearts, will arrive for mobile! The game will arrive for iOS, Android and Amazon.

The company, however, left the suspense in the air, revealing only the game's Twitter, with the name "Project Xehanort":

However, to supply the enthusiastic fans, the company also launched a “Guess The Name” campaign, which constitutes the community trying to guess the name of the game, giving prizes to those who get it right. Check out the rules of the game below.

To participate, simply:

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  • Follow the new game account on twitter (@ProjectXehanort)
  • Post a comment with your guess
  • Make sure to put the hashtag #KHNameContest

The campaign will end on January 28, 2020 at 18:59 PT! Therefore, only the 10 winners with the best guesses will win a $ 100 gift card on Amazon!

kingdom hearts mobile
Kingdom Hearts is coming to mobile! | amazon games, android, ios, kingdom hearts, square enix | kingdom hearts

Rules for guessing the name of the new Kingdom Hearts

Anyway, of course, the campaign should have some rules, check them out below, translated directly from the game website (

  • Participants must have a Twitter account following the official Twitter account @ProjectXehanort.
  • Entries must follow the instructions listed in the "How to enter" section above. Incoming tweets must not be a duplicate update or violate Twitter rules for posting
  • Only one entry per Twitter account is allowed per day, and participants cannot submit entries for more than one account. Participants who submit entries through multiple accounts will not be eligible.
  • Square Enix reserves the right to judge whether or not the material is suitable for public viewing. Entries that fall into any of the categories below will result in disqualification:
  • Contains obscenity, vulgarity, discrimination or any other offensive subject
  • Violates copyright / intellectual property, personal credit, privacy, etc.
  • Against public and / or moral order
  • Considered a gross deviation from the established theme
  • We will contact the winners via the @ProjectXehanort account as soon as the campaign ends. If we are unable to contact a selected winner within 48 hours of the initial contact, we will automatically select another winner. So make sure you are following the official KHUX Twitter account!

Finally, unfortunately the promotion will not be valid for Brazil, only for the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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