La Casa De Papel returns to Free Fire in December for the Final Episode: Looting and Leaking

In-game missions, themed collaborative items, and special Free Fire x La Casa de Papel social media engagements await players and fans

Garena announces a second crossover of Free Fire with La Casa de Papel, a partnership that won the hearts of many fans around the world last year. La Casa de Papel's return to Free Fire will take place between December 3rd and 14th, with the in-game event, Final Episode: Loot and Leak. The event will feature new missions, collaborative themed items and engagement activities on social media.
“This second edition of the Free Fire x La Casa de Papel campaign builds on the positive reception we saw during the first crossover event last year. We thought about what our players would like to see and look for ways to assimilate that into the Free Fire universe. We look forward to celebrating creating content that will bring communities together – whether in-game or outside of the game – in this campaign,” said Harold Teo, producer at Free Fire, of the latest collaboration with Netflix.

La casa de papel back to free fire
La Casa De Papel returns to Free Fire

La Casa De Papel returns to Free Fire in the Final Episode: Looting and Leaking

In the new event, the Professor will return to Bermuda with a mission: to find the gold and save the Free Fire Squad captured during an assault, all with the help of Free Fire players. Starting on December 3rd, the survivors will be able to join forces with the Professor and the Free Fire Squad to complete the final assault. To recover the gold and release the Free Fire Squad, Survivors will have to follow the Professor's instructions and unlock various missions in the game.
O Final Episode: Loot and Leak it will also feature a new interface and online events.

Special collectible items to stand out

In the raid and run mission, survivors will also be able to customize their players with special themed items, to battle it out in style! It will be possible to participate in the Teacher's final mission with the special Free Fire x La Casa de Papel collection, available for Survivors to adorn and fully immerse themselves in the crossover experience.

More details on the Free Fire and La Casa de Papel crossover will be announced in the coming weeks. Check out the event teaser on YouTube here:

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