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Everything you need to know about the LBFF Serie A, Serie B rounds and the FF Squad ranking

With the end of Week 7 of LBFF 6, the Brazilian League of Free Fire reaches its final stretch. We only have a week left to know the classifieds, the relegated and those who will compete in the dreaded Access Group. The Bastards continue in absolutes in the competition and had another brilliant weekend, with 129 points. B4's dominance is reflected in numbers: it is the team with the highest number of kills in the competition (276) and points per place (381) – do we have a favourite?

Still, the owner of the week was Fluxo. Nobru showed up, helping his team to add 150 points and take third place in the table. Also, no one beats the team in Booyah!: there are 12 so far. The last rounds show that the LBFF 4 champion arrives strong for the grand final and promises to fight for the bi-championship.

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Free Fire League Newsletter

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In the runner-up position is the ever-threatening SS e-Sports. The Suicide Squad has shown impressive consistency throughout the competition and scored 132 points. Mts007 remains sovereign on its journey towards the MVP crown, which seems set: there are 107 kills, 23 more than B4's Yago.exe, which comes in second place – a difference never seen in the history of the competition.

On the other side of the table the fight is also intense. FURIA had a week of recovery and said goodbye to the relegation zone, where it appeared since the second week of the competition. The Panthers changed their game mentality completely after the first half of the competition and added 108 points this seventh week, allowing the team to dream of even a miraculous ranking.

On the other hand, Xisde has definitely got into trouble this season and can say goodbye to the Free Fire elite right on its debut. There were only 68 points over the two rounds, and the difference already reaches 38 points for Real e-Sports, the first team outside the direct relegation zone.

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Finally, Cauan7 and JapaBKR surpassed the 400 slaughter mark in LBFF history. The LOUD ace needed only 305 falls to achieve the feat, a number that is impressive, while Mr. LBFF, the only two-time national champion, needed 374. Definitely, two of the biggest names on the national scene.

Week 7 from lbff 6

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Follow the updated LBFF Statistics table and click here to access the official competition photos.

Dispute for MVP

It seems difficult to take the MVP crown from Mts007 (SS e-Sports), who added 22 more kills throughout the week and has already accumulated 107 eliminations, 23 ahead of Yago.exe (B4), who has 84. Chinese (Nitroxx Top10 ) comes right after, with 82 kills, followed by Kiled (Troop) and Cauan7 (LOUD), which complete the list with 79 and 77 kills respectively.

Slaughter leaders
Slaughter Leaders

LBFF 6 Series B – Week 4 Summary

We reached the semifinals of Serie B. After leading the first phase of the competition, Immortal Force showed that favoritism was no coincidence and ended the first week of semifinals alone at the top of the table. Isolated leadership and absolute domination: that's 159 points, four Booyah! (two in Bermuda and two in Kalahari) and 66 kills – there is no team that comes close to them in any aspect.

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The big surprise this first week was NoPing VPN. After qualifying only in 14th place in the first phase, the team did not come to play in the semifinals. Consistent throughout its 12 takedowns, NoPing has reached 141 points, with 51 outs and just one Booyah.

paiN Gaming and Vasco Esports are practically tied for third place, separated by just one point. The Traditionals have made it clear that they want to go back to the elite and will fight with all their might for it. Vasco, on the other hand, failed to maintain the consistency that made the team a favorite. After adding 77 points and leading the first day of the semifinals, Gigante da Colina had some contested calls and took a while to find his game on Wednesday, adding only 55 points – little in relation to the team's potential.

Across the table, another surprise. INTZ appear to have suffered a blackout and have scored just 61 points from 12 takedowns. This leaves the Intrepids having to turn on the warning bell if they don't want to kiss their chances of returning to Serie A goodbye.

See here for details of the Tuesday (5), Wednesday (6) and Thursday (7) rounds.

b series classification
Grade B classification

Dispute for MVP

Immortal Force and Vasco dominate the Slaughter Ranking. Hender, from Vasco, remains in the lead, with 85 eliminations. Owl and GabeShow, from Immortal, and Easy, from Vasco, come right after, tied with 72 slaughters. Finally, LopesXL, from Immortal, completes the list, with 69 slaughters. With the exception of Owl, all players competed in 42 takedowns.

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Top 5 of slaughters
Top 5 Kills

FF SQUAD – Ranking of the Week

In FF SQUAD, Yago and Lobato, from B4, Kiled, from Tropa, and Caue, from Meta, crushed over the weekend and entered the Top 5 of FF Squad, while Cauan and Frois, from LOUD, lead in points and valuation. For more news, follow the official #LBFF hashtag and stay tuned on our official website and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles.

week 7 ranking
Week 7 Ranking

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