LBFF Bulletin 6 – Week 3 of the Brazilian League of Free Fire

Find out what happened in the Brazilian League of Free Fire 6 – Week 3 with the LBFF 6 Bulletin. Who fell and who were the best in the official Free Fire championship

The third week of LBFF 6 brought the casters back to the beautiful stage of the Brazilian League and two more emotion-packed rounds. After six rounds, all teams have completed 24 takedowns and the favorites start to emerge. B4, after a great weekend, took the lead alone in the competition with 270 points – an advantage of 27 points over Tropa, which comes right after. Yago and Lobato have been the highlights of the team and, if they continue at this pace, they should soon be among the candidates for the MVP award.

The Bastards have been rewarded for their aggressiveness and lead the season in number of kills, with 113 eliminations so far. In addition, they set a new all-time record in the LBFF: the most Booyahs in a single round – four won on Sunday, in a performance similar to the Phoenix Force world title.

Another highlight was Tropa, which had a great performance on Saturday and is the best among the debutants in the competition. There were 76 points and 32 kills in the fifth round, with emphasis on Kiled, responsible for 17 eliminations. The runner-up is a result of consistency: an average of at least 10 points per fall since the debut.

There were high expectations about LOUD and Fluxo, strong candidates for the leadership and the title. The rivalry between them has been getting more and more fierce and only 4 points separate it. LOUD guaranteed a one-two on Saturday and, with 73 points in the round, made a great leap in the table. However, the team was unable to repeat the performance on Sunday and, like Fluxo, went through bad times. Flow that opened Sunday with a beautiful Booyah, but didn't do much in the following falls and ended up being eliminated at the beginning of several of them.

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lbff bulletin 6
Brazilian League of Free Fire 6 – Week 3

Finally, Real e-Sports and FURIA have no reason to celebrate. While Real e-Sports suffered the worst performance of the competition on Saturday, a round in which they totaled just 13 points, the Panthers had the worst performance on Sunday, with 26. Real is coming from a restructuring after the end of the partnership with Santos and has not yet met in the competition. FURIA, on the other hand, seems far from finding the characteristic performance of one of the largest sports organizations in the country.

Summary of falls in LBFF Bulletin 6 – Week 3:

Troop takes the lead in the fifth round of LBFF 6

Consistency. That was the Troop's secret to completely dominate the fifth round and add 76 points. With a good performance in practically every takedown, Booyah in the last race crowned the great exhibition of the best among the rookies. Kiled was the highlight, with 17 slaughters – the highest number in the competition in a single day so far.

LOUD came with everything and quickly secured the first two Booyahs of the day, in Purgatory and Kalahari. The team had been having a shy season and, betting again on its aggressive style, was the second best of the round, with 73 points. Cauan led the team, with 14 eliminations, and has become one of the pillars of one of the title favorites.

best of saturday
best of saturday

It is also worth mentioning the performance of TSM FTX, who got their first Booyah in an LBFF and scored an important 63 points to stabilize this season. Corinthians and Nitroxx Top10 close the Booyahs of the round, with convincing performances.

FURIA, which came to sketch a reaction and fight for a Booyah, had only 37 points and accumulated bad moments. Just like Real e-Sports, which had the worst single-day performance in season six, at least so far: just 13 points.

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Three is triple, four is… B4?

Sunday had a new record set: the highest number of Booyahs in a single round in LBFF history. B4 took no notice of the opponents and secured four Booyahs – does anyone remember the Phoenix Force's relentless performance in the FFWS 2021 SG Grand Final? The Bastards completely dominated Kalahari and Bermuda and, with 34 kills and 86 points added over the course of the day, they not only took over, they also distanced themselves in the lead. Yago and Lobato were the highlights of the team in the round, with 11 kills each.

Flow tried very well, but after Booyah in the opening fall, they couldn't produce anything in an off day and with several eliminations early in the matches. Still, Syaz's team, which no longer appears among the top five in the slaughter rankings, did enough to stay in fourth place: 35 points.

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On the other hand, Netshoes Miners can celebrate. With a Booyah in Purgatory and led by Natividade, the Miners have scored 66 points and seem to start to find the necessary rapport for the rest of the season. Los Grandes, owner of the second best performance of the round, is also following this path. Even without Booyah, the Orange Wave scored 69 points and appears in seventh place, but should fight for the top soon.

Finally, FURIA continues its suffering. Owner of the worst performance of the day, with just 26 points, the team is a flashlight and needs to wake up for the season before it's too late.

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See here the details of the rounds of Saturday e Sunday

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Dispute for MVP

We've had changes in the season's kills ranking compared to last week. This time, Kiled (Tropa) and Mts007 (SS e-Sports) share the lead, with 41 kills each. VitinXP (TCS) remains close behind with 40 eliminations. Closing the list of the top five, we have Gus (Los Grandes) and Lost21 (Meta) with 36 and 35 kills, respectively.

Meet LBFF 6

With 18 teams, divided into three groups, LBFF 6 will have simultaneous broadcasts on YouTube, BOOYAH and Facebook. During the first six weeks of the competition, the rounds will be double, with matches on Saturdays and Sundays, at 13:19 pm (Brasilia time). The last three rounds will be triple, with matches on Mondays, at XNUMX pm (GMT), in addition to matches on weekends.

Click here and see the complete competition calendar.

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Among the participating teams is Vivo Keyd, current LBFF champion, who will try to defend the title. Other big names like LOUD, Fluxo, FURIA and Los Grandes are also present. 

Among the debuting teams are BONDE, TSM FTX and XISDE, which promise to bring new moves and strategies in the search for the title. 

Learn about the LBFF 5 format

The LBFF 6 prize will be R$ 745 thousand. The champion will win R$105, while the 2nd and 3rd placed earn R$85 and R$75, respectively. The teams that rank between 4th and 12th place earn R$ 53.333 each.

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Enter the Free Fire arena

Free fire guide for beginners
Free Fire

Free Fire is a battle royale developed by 111dots Studios, and can be played online on mobile. Up to 50 people fall on an island and must seek resources, equipment and weapons to defeat other players. In addition to the Google Play Store's “Best Game by Popular Choice” award in 2018, the game's championships were also the third most watched content on YouTube. The game can be downloaded by App Store e Google PlayStore.

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