League of Legends World Championship Table

Another year has passed and with its conclusion comes the tenth World Championship of League of Legends. The World Cup as it is simply known, is the final proof of the efforts of all teams throughout the year in an attempt to compete for the title of greatest team in League of Legends. A competition between teams from all over the world, the World Cup is the pinnacle of electronic sports, bringing some of the highest levels of talent and audience to a top sports event.

The League of Legends World Championship starts with the Entry Stage on September 25th and ends with the Final on October 31st. From the Entry Phase to the Semifinals, the event will take place at the Shanghai Media Tech studio, and the Final will be at the Pudong Stadium, never used before. The World Cup consists of three phases: Entry Stage, Group Stage and Elimination Stage, which are: Quarterfinals, Semifinals and Final.

1Team SoloMid000
3Team Liquid000
4G2 Esports000
7MAD Lions000
8DAMWON Gaming000
11Machi sports000
12PSG talon000
13Top esports000
14JD Gaming000
16LGD Gaming000
18Unicorns of Love000
19V3 Sports000
21Legacy Sports000
22For SuperMassive000

Date of the next World Cup matches

INTZ Brazilians open the League of Legends World Cup against MAD Lions, at 5am on September 25, Brasília time. Check the date and time of the games below:

Incoming phase matches (MD1) 25 - 30 September

Day 1 - Friday, September 25

  • 05h - MAD Lions (LEC) x (CBLoL) INTZ
  • 06h - PSG Talon (PCS) x (LLA) Rainbow7
  • 07h - Legacy Esports (OPL) x (CBLoL) INTZ
  • 08h - LGD Gaming (LPL) x (PCS) PSG Talon
  • 09h - Team Liquid (LCS) x (LEC) MAD Lions

Day 2 - Saturday, September 26

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  • 05h - Rainbow7 (LLA) x (LJL) V3 Esports
  • 06h - INTZ (CBLoL) x (TCL) Papara SuperMassive
  • 07h - V3 Esports (LJL) x (LCL) Unicorns of Love
  • 08h - LGD Gaming (LPL) x (LLA) Rainbow7
  • 09h - Unicorns of Love (LCL) x (PCS) PSG Talon
  • 10am - Papara SuperMassive (TCL) x (LEC) MAD Lions
  • 11am - Team Liquid (LCS) x (OPL) Legacy Esports

Day 3 - Sunday, September 27

  • 05h - V3 Esports (LJL) x (LPL) LGD Gaming
  • 06h - Rainbow7 (LLA) x (LCL) Unicorns of Love
  • 07h - PSG Talon (PCS) x (LJL) V3 Esports
  • 08h - Unicorns of Love (LCL) x (LPL) LGD Gaming

Day 4 - Monday, September 28

  • 05h - Papara SuperMassive (TCL) x (LCS) Team Liquid
  • 06h - MAD Lions (LEC) x (OPL) Legacy Esports
  • 07h - INTZ (CBLoL) x (LCS) Team Liquid
  • 08h - Legacy Esports (OPL) x (TCL) Papara SuperMassive

Entry Phase Playoffs - Md5

Round 1 - Md5s between 3rd and 4th in the same group Tuesday, September 29

  • 03h - 3rd Place Group A x 4th Place Group A
  • 08h - 3rd Place Group B x 4th Place Group B

Round 2 - Md5s crossed Wednesday, September 30

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  • 03h - 2nd Place Group A x Winner Round 1 Group B
  • 08h - 2nd Place Group B x Winner Round 1 Group A

Group stage matches (MD1) - October 03-11

League of legends world groups
League of Legends World Table | esports, league of legends | League of Legends World Cup

Day 1 - Saturday, October 03

  • 05h - FlyQuest (LCS) x (LPL) Top Esports
  • 06h - Input Phase D x (LCK) DRX
  • 07h - Rogue (LEC) x Entry Stage B
  • 08am - DAMWON Gaming (LCK) x (LPL) JD Gaming
  • 09h - Gen.G Esports (LCK) x Entry Stage C
  • 10am - TSM (LCS) x (LEC) Fnatic

Day 2 - Sunday, October 04

  • 05h - Machi Esports (PCS) x Entry Stage A
  • 06h - G2 Esports (LEC) x (LPL) Suning
  • 07h - Rogue (LEC) x (LCK) DAMWON Gaming
  • 08h - Input Phase B x (LPL) JD Gaming
  • 09h - Gen.G Esports (LCK) x (LCS) TSM
  • 10 am - Entry phase C x (LEC) Fnatic

Day 3 - Monday, October 05th

  • 05h - Machi Esports (PCS) x (LEC) G2 Esports
  • 06h - Entry Phase A x (LPL) Suning
  • 07h - DAMWON Gaming (LCK) x Input Phase B
  • 08h - JD Gaming (LPL) x (LEC) Rogue
  • 09h - FlyQuest (LCS) x Input Phase D
  • 10am - Top Esports (LPL) x (LCK) DRX

Day 4 - Tuesday, October 06

  • 05h - G2 Esports (LEC) x Entry Stage A
  • 06h - Suning (LPL) x (PCS) Machi Esports
  • 07h - DRX (LCK) x (LCS) FlyQuest
  • 08h - Top Esports (LPL) x Entry Stage D
  • 09h - Fnatic (LEC) x (LCK) Gen.G Esports
  • 10h - TSM (LCS) x Input Phase C

Day 5 - Thursday, October 08

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  • 05h - Entry Phase A x (LEC) G2 Esports
  • 06h - Machi Esports (PCS) x (LPL) Suning
  • 07h - G2 Esports (LEC) x (PCS) Machi Esports
  • 08h - Suning (LPL) x Input Phase A
  • 09h - Entry phase A x (PCS) Machi Esports
  • 10am - Suning (LPL) x (LEC) G2 Esports

Day 6 - Friday, October 09

  • 05h - Input Phase B x (LCK) DAMWON Gaming
  • 06h - Rogue (LEC) x (LPL) JD Gaming
  • 07h - DAMWON Gaming (LCK) x (LEC) Rogue
  • 08h - JD Gaming (LPL) x Input Phase B
  • 09h - Entry Stage B x (LEC) Rogue
  • 10am - JD Gaming (LPL) x (LCK) DAMWON Gaming

Day 7 - Saturday, October 10

  • 05h - Fnatic (LEC) x (LCS) TSM
  • 06h - Entry Stage C x (LCK) Gen.G Esports
  • 07h - TSM (LCS) x (LCK) Gen.G Esports
  • 08h - Fnatic (LEC) x Input Phase C
  • 09h - Input Phase C x (LCS) TSM
  • 10am - Gen.G Esports (LCK) vs (LEC) Fnatic

Day 8 - Sunday, October 11

  • 05h - FlyQuest (LCS) x (LCK) DRX
  • 06h - Entry Stage D x Top Esports
  • 07h - DRX (LCK) x Input Phase D
  • 08h - Top Esports (LPL) x (LCS) FlyQuest
  • 09h - FlyQuest Input Phase D x (LCS)
  • 10am - DRX (LCK) x (LPL) Top Esports

Source: LOL Sports

What is the entry stage to the League of Legends World Championship?

Entry phase takes place from 25 to 30 September

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The ten teams from the League of Legends World Entry Stage will be divided into two groups of five teams.

Each of these groups will play a single cycle of all against all. The teams that win the first place will advance to the Group Stage, and the teams in the last place will be eliminated.

The third and fourth placed teams in each group will play a best-of-five series: the loser will be eliminated and whoever wins will go on to another series of best five against the second placed in the other group. The winners of these matches also qualify for the Group Stage.

These matches will determine the four teams from the Entry Stage who will proceed to the Group Stage.

League of legends world table | d3740413 input phase groups | married games news | esports, league of legends | league of legends world
League of Legends World Cup entry phase groups

Initial World Cup Missions and Rewards

Don't forget that you can earn rewards for watching the World of League of Legends matches on the official website, but remember to log in with your Riot account on the website and enable the rewards.

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League of legends world watch missions
League of Legends World Table | esports, league of legends | League of Legends World Cup

You can watch all matches on official website of League of Legends.

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