Life is Strange True Colors is about Choices and Consequences

Trailer shown at E3 for Life is Strange True Colors shows more of Alex's powers and how they will be used to solve the mystery of his brother's death

Someone once said that "with great powers comes great responsibilities" and perhaps not even the original story from which that phrase came reflects it better than the Life is Strange series. You'll follow the dilemmas of Max and Chloe or Chloe and Rachel (although Chloe's power in 'Before the Storm' is “buzzing”) and the endings that happen in each episode leave you with a feeling that everything will be fine and then the world falls on your head again.

And in the next game, Life is Strange True Colors, it couldn't be different. The game is about empathy, it's about literally feeling what the other person feels and then making a decision that will impact the rest of the game. But don't think of the feeling-driven narrative as something soft or “weak”.

With empathy comes a strength that is often buried. Feeling this strength so much is both a blessing and a curse, and Deck Nine is taking this complexity and turning it into a new adventure for Life is Strange fans to enjoy, endure and overcome (I was still reeling from the end of 'Before the Sortm' when I played Max's special chapter.)

Emotions are not so simple in Life is Strange True Colors

Square Enix has unveiled a new trailer for Alex Chen's story in Life is Strange True Colors. Earlier, the Deck Nine team showed the franchise's next step, with the story of Alex desperately trying to solve the mystery of his brother's death. Just like Max in the first game, there is a supernatural and mysterious element that will help you on your journey.

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Instead of the power to step back in time, however, Alex has the power of empathy. She knows from the colors of people's auras how they feel. Sometimes having that power is very, very difficult. Going from meaningless anger to a bottomless pit of sadness, only to fall straight into hysterical happiness – people everywhere are going through something, so when empathy comes into play, especially in a powerful way like in Life is Strange True Colors, the impact on the character can be immense and overwhelming.

In the most recent trailer, seen above, we see the varying degrees of its power. She can harness these human emotions and discover information and secrets, she can amplify or remove them. Depending on the intensity of these emotions, it will generate a “New”. In this state, Alex will be able to enter a different “world” and discover more things, however, she will have to deal with the consequences of interfering with people's feelings. Consequences that could be fatal.

How you will deal with the strength of emotions and what you will do with the emotions of others during your journey to find out what happened to your brother is your power and your responsibility. Now, I particularly think Deck Nine is preparing another one of those games that make us look bad for a few weeks after finishing it.

If you've played the original Life is Strange then you know what happens to the character Rachel Ambers and since she's only one character mentioned throughout the adventure, you, in the role of Max, don't feel as much for her as Chloe, for example. But, SEE what happens to her, after playing all of Before the Storm, seeing all the connection and friendship between Chloe and Rachel, is something else. And then there's the bonus episode where it shows Max and Chloe's childhood that if you weren't crying before then now you will.

Life is Strange True Colors will be available in three editions: Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate, which will come in a remastered bundle of the first game and Before the Storm. You can find out more about the different versions of the game, go to official website. The adventure begins September 10, 2021, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.

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Say in the comments, what is your favorite Life is Strange? Are you waiting for Life is Strange True Colors? Are you hoping to find some info or easter egg from Max and Chloe in the game? Take the opportunity to read more about Life is Strange at Our site.

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