Free Fortnite Llama Rama and Rocket League Event on Epic on the 23rd

Epic Games has announced an event that may be called Llama Rama, a collaboration between Fortnite and Rocket League. The event will have rewards for both games in a promotional event to celebrate the free-to-play launch of Rocket League.

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Fortnite and rocket league llama rama event
Fortnite and Rocket League Llama Rama Event Free at Epic on the 23rd | epic, fortnite, rocket league | Fortnite and Rocket League

The Rocket League will be free to play in the Epic Games store and, to celebrate, we will have rewards available in both games. The event will start on September 23, 2020, when the Rocket League becomes free to play on the Epic Games Store. This means that the Rocket League will also be removed from the Steam store and will be unavailable for future purchases on that platform. The developers have stated that support will continue for those who own the game on Steam.

Epic hasn't said more about the Fortnite and Rocket League event yet, just a few details that have been released so far. The first reward is a $ 10 coupon from the Epic Games store that will be rewarded to anyone who downloads the Rocket League from the store. The coupon can be used on games or qualified content that cost more than $ 15. We still don't know if it will be valid for our region as well and how it will be here.

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Players will receive more Rocket League rewards for entering the game with an Epic-linked account. These rewards will be the Sun Ray Boost and the Hot Rocks Trail. An additional cosmetic, Chopper EG Wheels, will be given to players who link their accounts to synchronize their progress.

There was no concrete announcement about the rewards that will be added to Fortnite for the event. We can assume that themed items from both games will be added in Fortnite and Rocket League as a promotional event. Something like cosmetics, gliders and new trails would be perfect for the crossover.

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Fortnite and Rocket League

The event also makes a lot of sense, as Fortnite developers Epic Games bought Psyonix, the Rocket League developers, last year. Epic is now using this acquisition to move one more game to its store and bring more exciting events to Fortnite.

We should have more news about the event next week, as well as the game rewards we can expect.

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Rocket league free on epic games
Fortnite and Rocket League Llama Rama Event Free at Epic on the 23rd | epic, fortnite, rocket league | Fortnite and Rocket League

For those unfamiliar, Rocket League is a mix of cars and football, and creates a unique and fun experience for players. Players have to score goals with their vehicles using some simple physics and use in-game boosts to make some fantastic photos worthy of assembly.

Rocket League has a decent e-sports scene around the world, and the free launch should encourage more players to explore its complexities.

The game's developers have planned some significant updates with the free-to-play release. The 1st season of Rocket League will begin with this update and players will have the opportunity to move up the ranking of the season with the new competitive tournaments that will take place in the game.

Cross-progression will be available to players who have been playing Rocket League for some time, and they can have their account details changed for any medium, including PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

In addition, existing players will have access to Legacy content to purchase the game, with Golden Cosmos Boost, “Est. 20XX ”Player banner, Rocket League DLC, etc., being added to your accounts after the update.

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Now that Rocket League will be free for everyone at Epic Games, it sure gets on the free games of 2020.

Do you intend to play Rocket League now that it will be free for everyone?

Free llama rama fortnite and rocket league event on epic day 23 | b2ada458 1751840481 1sz | married games news | epic, fortnite, rocket league | fortnite and rocket league
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