LoL Patch 10.11: Volibear Rework, Free Skin and more!

LoL in its Patch 10.11 brought several new features to players such as the new Volibear rework and a skin for free! Also check out the update notes below.

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About Patch 10.11 Lol Updates


Well, for everyone who plays and follows the competitive scenario of LoL, they know that snipers came too weak for the current goal. So Riot decided to lend a hand to the snipers to try to get them back on target. In addition to adding 30-40 base life to all snipers, they also gained 2 more base life growth, making them have a more solid mid game / late game with more life not to be blown up by any other champion . Corki, Senna, Kindred, Quinn and Graves have not received any of these updates because they are impacting other lanes.

Furthermore, the Kai'sa he also received an individual buff, increasing his Q skill's damage multiplier from 0,35 to 0,4 additional attack damage. Also increasing the range of your ult in the last two levels, from 2000/2500 to 2250/3000.

Lol patch 10. 11: volibear rework, free skin and more! | 44c277c8 | married games news | lol patch 10. 11
LoL Patch 10.11: Volibear Rework, Free Skin and more! | LoL Patch 10.11

Other Buffs and Nerfs

Due to all its power in the high link, Graves received a small nerf in this patch, decreasing its damage multiplier from the ability Q - End of the Line on your first shot from 1,0 additional attack damage to 0,8 additional attack damage. syndra took nerf after two patches dominating the middle route; now your E - Disperse the Weak had its cooldown increased from 16/15/14/13 / 12s to 18/17/16/15 / 14s. And last but not least, the dear killer Heel had a nerf in his skill Q - Noxian Diplomacy; where it now costs 40 mana instead of 30 and the healing on slaughter dropped from 20-71 to 10-70.

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Now in the Buffs part we have the fiddlesticks, which even after his rework, ended up not convincing many people and was not very useful in the jungle. Before, any ability that Fiddlesticks played from the map's fog would terrify enemies. Now, that passive continues, but if Fiddlesticks is with you passive Effigy active, even with vision, any cast ability will terrify enemies. hecarim also took a small buff in the jungle, increasing its base damage from the ability Q- Enraged from 55/95/135/175/215 to 60/102/144/186/228, and also reducing the damage to troops from 33,3% to 40%.

Lol patch 10. 11: volibear rework, free skin and more! | 2be73e23 ask riot fiddlesticks | married games news | lol patch 10. 11
LoL Patch 10.11: Volibear Rework, Free Skin and more! | LoL Patch 10.11

Volibear Rework

LoL's beloved bear received its long awaited update after so many years in the game. After a long time in PBE, finally rework is alive in LoL in Patch 10.11. The character received a much more mythological look, based on the peoples of the north who worshiped pagan gods. The character now also has an ultimate that disables towers, in addition to all his damage and shield that he receives from his abilities

Free Skin for Volibear in LoL Patch 10.11

During the reveal lives of the Volibear remake, Riot also showed a skin called “Volibear Bear of a thousand Scourges”, which has all the Eltdritch Horror theme of the champion, as written in one of his short stories. So, Riot decided to give the new skin to everyone who already has the champion and everyone who buys the champion by the day June 10 at 17 pm. To redeem your skin just log into the game and you will soon receive a notice that you have won the skin.

Riot said that it will not be customary to give champions skins in their reworks, but in this case, they believe it was the right decision due to the champion's theme. Below is an image of the Skin:

Free volibear skin in lol patch 10. 11
Splash art from Skin Volibear Bear of a Thousand Scourges

Anyway, Riot also emphasized that the new Volibear rework as much as its sikns are already available in high resolution on League Displays; to be used as Wallpaper and Screensaver on your computer.

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Astronaut Skins

To bring more characters to the family of the astronaut collection that until then was made only by Astronautilus and Teemo astronaut, Riot decided to launch 3 new skins:

Poppy Astronaut and Gnar Astronaut

Lol patch 10. 11: volibear rework, free skin and more! | e91e1d89 astronaut gnar and poppy splash | married games news | lol patch 10. 11
Splash art by Skin Poppy Astronauta and Gnar Astronauta
Lol patch 10. 11: volibear rework, free skin and more! | 41e63859 poppy poppy astronaut chromas | married games news | lol patch 10. 11
Poppy Astronaut and his Chromas
Https://images. Contentstack. Io/v3/assets/blt731acb42bb3d1659/blt54906703de8598a3/5ec739eb177c51692beb1b59/gnar_gnar_astronaut_chromas. Jpg

Gnar Astronaut and his chromas

Astronaut Bard

Bard astronaut in lol patch 10. 11
Splash art by Skin Bardo Astronauta
Chromas of the bard astronaut in lol patch 10. 11
Astronaut Bard and its Chromas

Anyway, the new skins and chromas can now be purchased through the game store.

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