EA Launches FIFA 21 Loot Box Preview

Preview Boxes will be released in the game allowing you to see the loot box result in FIFA 21 before purchasing

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With the increasingly closed siege on the loot box in the FIFA 21, and of all Electronic Arts games that follow this monetization model, EA has added a new type of reward box called the Preview Box, which lets you see what's coming inside it before you decide to buy or not. Basically, you open the box before you buy, either with FUT coins or FIFA Points.

FUT Coins is a virtual currency earned through the game. FIFA Points is a virtual currency purchased using real world money. Packages that are not purchased directly from the FUT Store, such as rewards from Division Rivals, or earned from an Objective or SBC, will not have the preview function and will continue to function as normal, EA said.

These packages arrived at FIFA 21 as part of the “Festival of FUTball” in-game, and are the only package type available in the FUT Store during the event. At the end of the campaign, other types of packages will return, added EA.

How the New Loot Box Works in FIFA 21

It works like this: package names are familiar, but they work differently. In the FUT Store, you can select a Preview Pack to preview its content. Viewing a package does not mean that you have decided to buy it. After selecting the package preview, you will see the package opening animation, which you can watch or skip. After the package opening animation, you will see all the items contained in the package. If you decide you want to buy the pack, you can do so now.

If you decide you want the pack and select Buy Pack, you will receive a final notice asking you to confirm your purchase and choose whether you want to use FUT currencies or FIFA Points. See how it looks:

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Previewed package

If you don't buy the pack, you will see that the previewed pack will remain in the store for a few hours, with a countdown timer. The timer must reset before you can view another package of the same type. While the package is in the store, you can either buy it normally or wait for time to run out to preview another one, but there will be some exceptions, EA says.

One of these exceptions is limited time packages. The preview package update timers will not be displayed in the case that the limited package timeout expires before the preview package update window. Therefore, if the limited package timeout has expired, you can no longer purchase that package, even if it is within the preview package time window. You will see a “Package Expires” counter to indicate these time limits.

Another exception is limited quantity packages. If all available packages in a global limit were purchased before you made the decision to buy the package you saw in the preview, you will no longer be able to purchase that package. There is a 'Packages Remaining' counter to indicate where you are.

The result is the following: if the update timer is still active, you can either buy the package (you can then immediately preview another package if one is available) or wait for the update timer to expire. When it expires, you can view another package. In the case of limited or quantity-limited packages, the time or counter of the package takes precedence over the wait time of the preview package.

Loot Box in FIFA 21 under the eye of politicians

The shift comes amid increasing pressure from governments on the relationship between FIFA loot boxes and other video games and gambling. EA's FIFA series is part of ongoing investigations into the impact of loot boxes, particularly on children, with many groups calling for a change in legislation to categorize them as Ultimate Team packages, for example, as games of chance.

So EA's move appears to be a strategy of “testing your limits” and the reactions of lawmakers before unveiling its next game in the franchise, FIFA 2022. In May of this year, EA began selling FIFA 21 cosmetics out of the box. of withdrawal for the first time. But things don't look good for the developer, as in April, a new survey commissioned by the universities of Plymouth and Wolverhampton, both in Europe, "robustly" found a link between loot boxes and problems with video games. bad luck.

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Researchers said in their report that loot boxes "are structurally and psychologically similar to gambling." They also found that large numbers of children were opening loot boxes.

In the UK, the government is investigating loot boxes to see if the anti-gambling law should apply to them. In December 2019, the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport released a decision on loot boxes with a broader review of the Gambling Act 2005 and, in June 2020, announced a public call to present the evidence. The government has commissioned Abertay University in Scotland to assess this evidence and a report is expected to be published by the end of this year. In that case, the government may make a decision sometime in 2022.

While EA claims that loot boxes in FIFA 21 are not games of chance, but a “surprise mechanic” as they call it, in a more recent financial regulatory document the company acknowledged that a change in the law could significantly affect its business.

Now, leave it in the comments: How do you think this will affect FIFA 22? Did you like the idea of ​​the Preview boxes? Will this calm down regulators? Do you buy loot box in FIFA 21? Contact us and enjoy reading more about FIFA on Our site.

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