Maicon Küster on Nimo TV

Maicon Küster is the new Streamer from Nimo TV. Comedian debuted on the platform on October 4th with a special live

Nimo TV brings another strong name to its streamers team. On October 4, who will debut on the platform is the comedian: Maicon Küster on Nimo TV. The internet phenomenon will make broadcasts that will entertain the audience, with parodies of songs, imitations and other copyrighted content, in addition to chats with viewers. Küster has over 3 million followers on his social networks.

The 24-year-old is a resident of Balneário Camboriú, in Santa Catarina, and started making videos on his cell phone in 2014. In the same year, he gained popularity with one of his videos about the first kiss, which reached more than one million views. In 2019, also due to his experience with theatre, another highly successful video, this time with the character Vick Vitória.

Maicon küster on nimo tv
Maicon Küster on Nimo TV

At Nimo TV, Küster will have the opportunity to create content openly, interacting with the audience and entertaining those who watch him in his broadcasts. “I can say that coming to Nimo TV was one of the best things that happened in my life. This partnership came for me to professionalize myself as a streamer and give me space to really put my ideas into practice on this type of platform, which was not possible before. My audience, for sure, can hope for the best with this news”, says the comedian.

It should be noted that the partnership was only possible because of the bridge between Nimo TV and the agency Curta, which has been helping Küster in directing his career.

"We are very excited about Maicon coming to Nimo TV. He has a super strong name, he's an authentic mega guy and we want to give him the meaningful space he deserves”, highlights Rodrigo Russano Dias, Head of PR and Social Media at Nimo TV Brasil. "We are sure that the public will continue to identify with him, which will follow a success, now on Nimo TV”, concludes Dias.

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Maicon Küster on Nimo Tv. Meet the Humorist

Küster discovered early on that making humor, mainly through the internet, was a career option. Since the age of 12, I frequented online forums and communities of nostalgic Orkut. When his stand-up shows ended up not attracting a considerable number of audiences, the comedian was sure that his big break was on the internet. 

“The shows that I did in Santa Catarina were well publicized, including by friends, but when I stopped to analyze who was the public that was looking for me, I realized that they were people from far away, from other states. Therefore, the internet was essential in this growth process", says Küster. "I started on social media and I couldn't imagine the proportion this would take, and to this day I still think I'm in a dream”, he confesses.

Regarding his relationship with the public, Maicon Küster emphasizes that he is very close to those who accompany him and identifies with his life and experiences. “My audience has changed a lot over the years, but today, whoever watches me, is like me, identifies with me. I have a very loyal audience, which likes anything I say, no matter how horrible it is, and who asks me for more”, jokes Küster, who even has a disciplined work routine to produce the videos.

For those who dream of a career as a comedian on the internet, the young man from Santa Catarina gives tips. "I think that anyone who wants to follow this path, should start making videos and talking about topics that are on the rise, enjoy the wave of topics. That way, you can start gaining followers and money”, concludes Küster.

For more information, visit the channel. Maicon Küster on Nimo TV.

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Nimo tv
Nimo TV

About Nimo TV 

Nimo TV is a streaming platform focused on the transmission of electronic games, creative content and esports. Created by Huya, one of the biggest game streaming services in China, Nimo TV arrived in Brazil with the purpose of offering quality content and entertaining those who want to broadcast games or watch their favorite channels. In 2018, Huya was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), after receiving an investment of US$ 460 million from Tencent. Among the main features of Nimo TV are “Ultra HD Broadcasting”, “Video Second Open”, “Full Link Monitoring” and “Mobile Streaming”, which allows the transmission of live gameplay sessions directly from the mobile device to the application of the service. 





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