Marvel's Avengers gets beta dates

The Avengers will be battling AIM and its boss, MODOK, in September, but you'll be able to join Miss Marvel and her new friends a little earlier, thanks to a trio of betas, starting in August.

Avengers or marvel's avengers gets a date for the betas
Marvel's Avengers Wins Beta Dates | Marvel's Avengers

Square Enix has released betas' dates and whoever buys the game on pre-order on PS4 will be the best way to play as early as possible. But if you don't pre-order, you can still play the beta at a later date. Check the dates:

  • August 7 - For those who pre-ordered the PlayStation;
  • August 14 - Xbox and PC for those who bought in pre-order;
  • August 14 - PlayStation beta open;
  • August 21 - Xbox and open beta PC.

But before the betas, you will also be able to see more about Marvel's Avengers during the second presentation of the War Table, starting at 16 pm EST on July 29. The beta will apparently contain a little bit of everything, from co-op to the campaign, and more details will be released over time.

About Mavel's Avengers

The new Avengers is a cooperative third-person action game from Tomb Raider's Crystal Dynamics studio. Similar to Sony's PS4 game, Marvel's Avengers do not fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead, Crystal Dynamics is telling a story that branches off the MCU and tells an original story. With coronavirus-related delays for Black Widow and other future Marvel movies, this is the main Avengers action we can expect in 2020.

This is the first part of what is described as a “multi-year, multiplayer partnership” between Square Enix and Marvel. The Avengers won't be the only Marvel game you'll see at Square Enix, but it's what we've known so far.

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Marvel's Avengers will be released on September 4 for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and Google Stadia. Check out the Official Site about the game.

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