Meet Polker, the game that combines Poker and Cryptocurrencies

The gaming platform will introduce the blockchain into its game to generate fairer and more transparent matches

Polker is a blockchain-based poker game that allows players all over the world to win, buy, trade and sell NFTs through the hands of poker. If you liked our articles about how to play poker online, Os best sites to play poker online e games to win cryptocurrencies? Did you want to combine both hobbies into one thing? Now it's possible with the Polker.

The team behind this project says the purpose is “increase interest in poker and NFTs” in the disputed space of cryptocurrencies. The merger of the two ends up filling the gap for future projects while using blockchain technology as a mechanism to provide transparent and fair gameplay.

Polker tries to achieve this goal using a TRNG (True Random Number Generator) system that is integrated with the blockchain. The game team is striving to make the experience a reality. Today, Polker is getting ready to release a beta-stage game in the coming days. They aim to support 3D characters, next-gen VR, environments and visual effects. The platform will be designed to make the game available for everyone to play, even those who want to hone their skills without having to risk their money.

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True Random Number Generator and the Blockchain

To ensure that the game is fair to everyone on the blockchain, the Polker took advantage of its patented technology, the True Random Number Generator. TRNG is designed to start with the player's seed, it is then integrated with the player's seed. platform Polker and the random nature of the hash value (cryptographic operation that generates unique and unrepeatable identifiers from certain information) of the block, guaranteeing the randomness of the number that is generated.

Each action and game value is stored as a hash in a smart contract on the blockchain network. Players can independently compare and authenticate results to ensure no manipulation was involved, taking raw values ​​and hashing them.

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The team confirmed that the Polker will present its internal line of NFTs in three forms: standard, ultra-rare, rare and rare. Each of these NFTs will allow unique functions and interactions with the system.

TRNG is used together with the potential that the blockchain has to offer to provide full transparency. Furthermore, it avoids cheating and many other illegal practices. Amazingly, all game data is securely stored in the hash of a smart contract. Therefore, the raw values ​​can be compared and authenticated to prove that no manipulation has taken place.

While blockchain integration makes the game reliable, Polker also leverages Unreal Engine 4, a powerful 3D authoring platform; to create an immersive experience not available on most other poker sites, such as 3D character models and the ability to play with VR glasses.

Some of the other significant partnerships include Chainlink. The decentralized open source oracle network is integrated into the platform Polker to create a decentralized and highly reliable service for gamers.

The first implementation of active price feeds in the Chainlink chain is expected to replace the current API in the Multi-Crypto Marketplace protocol, already patented by Chainlink Polker. In addition, Chainlink's oracle network comes with high-throughput EVM. This EVM is fully compatible with Polygon (MATIC) network. Consequently, it ensures that the most up-to-date online pricing data is provided to players.

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A similar strategy is being used by Augur, which is a forecasting market that uses accurate real-time data to perform optimally. In the wake of this news, the team behind the game Polker published a raffle of ten NFTs; with the first prize being an 'Ultra-Rare Holo', which previously sold for over $12.000 (3,38 ETH) on OpenSea.

Take the opportunity to win with Polker

Polker is more than a poker game

This platform aims to make the online gaming platform offer more than just poker. Online gaming is fast becoming a strategy for players to acquire and earn non-fungible tokens. The native token of Staking of Polker which was released on September 24, 2021. This change has brought poker players closer to owning and trading NFTs.

The developers of Polker want to deliver a game that brings together entertainment and fairness in technology for fair and accurate matches, adding the best programming logic to the fundamentals of the game of poker;

"Polker will become exciting and challenging for all players to participate. Through this method, the game of poker becomes more interesting. Offers players the opportunity to win multiple prizes com updated 2021 graphics.”

Now, leave it in the comments if you enjoyed meeting Polker. Are you going to start playing? Contact us and take the opportunity to read more about criptomoedas on our website.

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