Dazz launches new line of Mermaid Chairs

Focused on the female audience, the new line brings vibrant colors and an innovative design in the gaming chairs segment

You, gamer girl, who likes comfort, durability and above all, economy, here at Married Games we launched an article with tips for you build your gamer setup and leave everything ready for you to play. Now, let's add a new tip here with Dazz's Mermaid line of game chairs. A different gamer chair for girls who enjoy playing and putting the “little boys” who think they are much better than them in their place.

With an eye specially directed to the female audience, Dazz, a traditional gaming chair and peripheral company, announces its new launch: the Mermaid chair line. The novelty features a vibrant color palette and an innovative design, differentiating itself from other lines on the market. The product is already available on Dazz's official website, with three models in blue with pink, purple and pink details, for R$1599.00. 

Line of mermaid chairs
New line of Mermaid Chairs

For Victor Torok, marketing coordinator at Dazz, the new line was created with the aim of attracting the eyes of women inserted in the gaming scene: “We always thought of a new line of products that would mainly appeal to the female audience, which is already extremely involved in games and competitions around the world. For this reason, we launched the Mermaid line, with an innovative design and vibrant colors, which make the environment more colorful and comfortable. The three different models let you choose the color you need to complete your setup with a stylish chair. And of course, without forgetting the premium quality that Dazz offers in all its lines”.

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 Check the technical specifications of the products below:

Arm materialmetal and plastic 
Seat materialCorino and high density foam
base materialSteel and PVC
piston classClass 4 gas piston
type of chairGamer Chair
base typeStar base
Maximum supported weight (kg)100 Kg
Recommended height1,85 cm
adjustment mechanismbutterfly type
height adjustmentUp to 9 cm
Adjustable backrestUp to 180 degrees with lumbar pad
Armrest2D, adjustable up to 7 cm
Head supportWith neck pillow
Number of wheels5 units
types of wheelsNylon wheels
reclining seat25 Graus

Dazz is a company that seeks to create and connect gamer technology products to people's lifestyles. Belonging to the Rio Branco Group, the brand stands out in the segment due to its quality and variety of products, having 14 gamer chair options and more than 80 peripheral options, such as keyboards, mice, controls, accessories and much more. In 2020, the brand had a 314% increase in sales.

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About Dazz: Dazz is a company belonging to the Rio Branco Group. Created to connect gamers products with the ideal audience, it serves both the B2B and B2C market, through its official website or through resellers. Combining quality with variety, Dazz offers several options for gamer chairs and peripherals and stood out in 2020 for being the company that sold the most gamer chairs in the year. For more information visit the website.

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