Metal Slug Code J: Meet the new game in the series!

The game Metal Slug Code J is a new title in the famous SNK series, the game is scheduled for release in 2020 for Android and iOS. The title was announced on Saturday (27) and will be produced by SNK and Timi Studios, the same company that was responsible for the giant success of Call of Duty: Mobile. However, the style will remain very faithful to the original Metal Slug, with changes in graphics, visual renewal, scenarios, and other elements that will be present in the game.

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Anyway, a game trailer was released showing us what we can expect from the game. The pixelated 2D design was left out and now the 3D that will reign on the screen. Most of the stages are possibly a major remake of the first game in the saga.

The game's commands will be spread across the screen and will be: Walk, change weapons, special ability, shoot. It seems to be very comfortable to be played. Anyway, see the trailer below:

Just as a curiosity: no new title in the saga has been released since 2008 with Metal Slug 7; since then, we've only seen remakes of games already released in large compilations.

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Anyway, for now no release date has been given for Metal Slug Code J. The producer Timi Studios is also behind the new mobile release Pokémon Unite. On the battlefield, some iconic characters from the series will be back, such as: Marco Rossi and Tarma Roving, from Peregrine Falcon Squad, and Fio germi and Eri Kasamoto, both from the SPARROWS squad. However, in addition, a new HUB will be presented for choose your favorite game mode.

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